Iron Patriot Surfaces On The Set Of ‘Iron Man 3′

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Filming production on the forthcoming sequel film Iron Man 3 is underway and this week very spoilery photos have made their way to the Internets from the set of the film. It would appear that the character Iron Patriot will feature in the next Iron Man film and after paparazzi photos of character hit the Internets, Marvel decided to release a promo photo of their own … pretty much confirming the fact that Patriot will appear in the film. But, at this point, we have no idea in what capacity he will appear.

You’ve probably noticed this by now, but there isn’t just one kind of Iron Man suit. In fact, since 2008 the armor has appeared in three movies and there have been a grand total of eight suits: Mark I through VII and War Machine. No film with Iron Man in it has featured less than two different types of armor, and now Super Hero Hype has confirmed that yet another version will be appearing in Iron Man 3. The big question is, who will be wearing it? The site is reporting that the second sequel to Iron Man, which is being directed by Shane Black, will feature the Iron Patriot, a red, white and blue tinged suit that first appeared in 2009′s “Dark Avengers.” Here’s the twist though: Tony Stark wasn’t the guy wearing the suit. In fact, it was Norman Osborne of Spider-Man fame, who, in the story, is actually treated as an American hero. Osborne took the technology from Stark Industries and gave it the patriotic look as a tribute to the recently-deceased Captain America. Iron Man 3 is currently filming down in North Carolina and stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, James Badge Dale and Jon Favreau. Obviously Osborne won’t be appearing in the movie, as Sony Pictures owns the rights to the character and Iron Man 3 is a Marvel Studios film, so that means that either someone else will be sporting the Iron Patriot armor or its just an idea that Tony Stark has for his newest design. Given that the project is already chock full of villains, I’m really hoping for the latter.

Honestly, I don’t know a thing about Iron Patriot … nor do I know a thing about Coldblood. My knowledge of the world of Iron Man is very limited and basic. Pretty much everything that I know about the character was covered in the first Iron Man film. That said, I’m such a big fan of the way Iron Man has been adapted for the screen that I have no doubt that Iron Patriot will be a great addition to the film. It looks like Marvel is really planning to churn out these superhero films.

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George Lucas Says He’s Retiring (Again) To Make Hobby Films

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George Lucas is retiring – Again

“I’m moving away from the company, I’m moving away from all my businesses, I’m finishing all my obligations and I’m going to retire to my garage with my saw and hammer and build hobby movies,” the “Star Wars” director told Empire Magazine. “I’ve always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theaters.”

It’s easy for him to say when you’re one of the most successful Prod/Dir on the planet with a boatful or 2 of stacks of money. But he has said this before.

“I’m retiring,” Lucas told the New York Times back in January while on a press tour for “Red Tails,” which he produced. “I’m moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff.”

Lucas also made similar comments back with “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” was released.

Of course, retiring for Lucas doesn’t necessarily mean “retiring.” He’s still producing a number of projects, including a potential fifth “Indiana Jones” film. Just don’t expect him to go back to “Star Wars,” especially after all the criticism he’s received over the years for tweaking and changing various things in the original trilogy.

“Why would I make any more,” Lucas said to the Times, “when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?”

I don’t know about terrible but I have to admit, I wasn’t much of a ‘Star Wars’ fan after the original. Those last 3 were almost unbearable. I am more of a ‘Live Long A Prosper’ guy.

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Jessica Simpson Gets Even More Money For Having A Baby – 3-4 Million More

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Jessica Simpson, who just debuted her daughter Maxwell after securing an 800 thousand dollar fee, has announced she will attempt to lose her baby weight with the help of Weight Watchers.

Us Weekly reports that the “Fashion Star” who I believe used to be a singer, first had to negotiate a contract to lose her weight where most women do that for free. She apparently negotiated a $4 million contract to become their spokesperson, but ABC News reports the amount was actually $3 million for the final deal.

Jessica of course had to go to Facebook to inform everyone because, as we know, no Celeb does anything without first announcing it on Social Media. On Facebook she said, “It’s official, I’m joining Weight Watchers! The cool thing about the program is that it focuses on healthy habits for the long-term (and I can still indulge in my guilty pleasures every now and then too).”

Simpson adds, “I have actually gotten a group of friends together who are going to be doing it with me. You can join me too and we can share our experiences!”

Sure Jessica, all woman who just gave birth will join you….will they also share in the 4 million or will they just have to join and pay Weight Watchers for the privilege?

How nice, the Preachers daughter was able to have an out of wed-lock baby and still be able to receive a cool 4.8 million dollars for her troubles. I guess the price was right for all the flack she took for her weight gain. I wonder, did she plan it this way hoping for a huge payday?

Well, it should make for interesting dialogue for Preacher Dad/Manager and Jessica next time they decide to go to Church to wash away their sins while dropping their ‘get out of hell’ dollar bills in the bucket.

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‘True Blood’ Cast Spilling Season 5 Secrets

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Now that Sookie (Anna Paquin) has sworn off vampires Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), will she find comfort in the arms of werewolf Alcide?

Joe Manganiello, who plays the hunky wolf, told Renee, “According to the trailers, there may or may not be a romance brewing between Alcide and Sookie.”

Is Tara really dead? The actress who plays her, Rutina Wesley, revealed, “She’s coming back! And how she comes back is going to be very, very, very interesting.”

How about Bill and Eric, are they now friends? Skarsgard cryptically offered, “We don’t know yet.  We don’t know where we’re going to end up.”

OK, we get it… but please tell us there will be more nudity. Sam Trammell, who plays cutie shape shifter Sam Merlotte, said, “I have my clothes off a lot this year,” while Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse, replied, “Not from me, thank God.” Too bad.

Moyer added, “I think that every time we see what the new script is, we’re expecting to see some naked mud wrestling, but you’ll have to wait and see.”

“True Blood” fans are also excited about Moyer and Paquin’s real-life romance, especially now that Anna is expecting the couple’s first child.  Stephen said, “It’s amazing, but we’ve still got another month of work to go yet!” How are they working around the baby bump? Paquin replied, “Clever camera angles.”

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Kat Von D Sued By State Farm For More Than $900K, Saying She Caused House Fire

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State Farm insurance is suing Kat Von D for the $909,199 they gave her following her November 20, 2010 house fire, as the insurance giant is now claiming the reality TV star was responsible for the blaze because she left a set of  lit candles unattended.

The ex-L.A. Ink star, whose real name is Katherine von Drachenberg, also lost her cat Valentine in the fire.

Here Kitty, Kitty: Kat Von D Gets A New Cat After Last One Died In House Fire

Von D, in response to the suit first reported by E!, tweeted Wednesday: “Contrary 2 rumors-I did NOT burn my house down (I was on my book tour during the fire) and no, I did NOT kill my own cat.”

She included a link to a Facebook memorial she wrote for her cat a few months after the January 2011 blaze.

“As some of you know, my house burned down right at the half way mark of my book tour,” she wrote. “And it’s weird because almost everyone around me feels really bad for me. I know its all coming from a good place, and I definitely appreciate all the thoughtful condolences, not just for my loss of ‘stuff’ but more importantly for the loss of my baby kitten, Valentine. But I’m honestly OK with it all if you gimme a chance to explain.”

Von D is also known for her hook up with Jesse James after his repeated cheating on ex Sandra Bullock caused their split.

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Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro Team For ‘Grudge Match’?

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TheWrap reports that Stallone and De Niro could join forces for “Grudge Match,” a long gestating comedy about two retired boxing rivals who step back into the ring one last time. The site notes that while the project doesn’t have a green light just yet, Warner Bros. is looking to shoot “Grudge Match” in early in 2013.

Or maybe not. Back in 2010, Stallone and De Niro were first attached to “Grudge Match,” but that iteration never got off the ground.

This is a busy time for De Niro, who has taken to playing up his advancing age in recent projects: He’s attached to star in “Last Vegas,” an AARP-version of “The Hangover,” with Michael Douglas, and has long discussed reuniting with Martin Scorsese for “The Irishman,” about an aging mobster. Stallone, too, has had his fare share of age-appropriate victory laps: “Rocky Balboa,” “Rambo” and “The Expendables” and its sequel, which is due out this summer.

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David Hasselhoff Despite Gary Busey Couldn’t Refuse A Role In ‘Piranha 3DD’

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Actor David Hasselhoff struggled with two of his co-stars on the set of new movie Piranha 3DD – one he couldn’t stand and the other he refused to be in the same room with. But he just couldn’t pass up working on such an epic, important and Oscar potential film as this one – Piranha 3DD. This guy cracks me up.

The former Baywatch star, who plays himself in the fishy sequel, only signed on for the movie if producers could keep him and Gary Busey apart during filming.

He says, “I run from him. I made a pact in my contract I wouldn’t have to be in the same room as Gary Busey. He’s really an entertaining person, but he’s a little scary.”

And there was another young star who Hasselhoff hated working with – because he couldn’t pronounce piranha correctly.

The TV icon explains, “There’s a little ginger moron in this movie… this little red-head kid, and he kept saying ‘Pir-anna’, and it’s ‘Piranha,’ and it was driving me nuts. The good thing at the end of the movie… the piranhas get the kid.”

Well David, sorry to say…I think i’ll take a pass on this one as I have on listening to your music. I did enjoy you in your youtube sensation video….”How I eat hamburgers.”

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Beach Boy Mike Love: Being Present By Leaving The Past Behind

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According to founding Beach Boy Mike Love, there has never been a post-1990s Axl Rose vibe going on with his band. Sure, the singer/songwriter admits he and the iconic band have had a bunch of bumps along the way, but it never got to a point where they truly lost that loving feeling. “When you mix business with ego there can be tense situations, but when you let that go, you realize that a lot of the stuff that got in the way is in the past,” he explained in an interview earlier this month. “We can let the past screw the present by holding onto old disagreements or you can move past it and do something great.”

… And something great is exactly what they’re doing. In celebration of their 50th anniversary, the band has regrouped, recorded a new album, and are in the midst of an international tour in support of it. That’s Why God Made The Radio marks the band’s first new album in years and the first in which surviving original members appear on an album together in decades. West Coasters Love, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks fittingly recorded their 29th album at Los Angeles’ Ocean Way Studios. The album finds the hit masters in similar territory with catchy choruses and infectious harmonies, and no, even though they’re in their seventies — the Boys from Hawthorne,Calif., still sound as good as they did in the ’60’s.

I caught up with Love after seeing the band sell out the Westchester County Center in White Plains on May 15 (yes you read that right…Westchester!) and asked him about the new album, the tour and getting the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers back together.

You guys put on an amazing show the other night — and a lengthy one at that! How did you come up with the set list for the tour? I’d imagine it’s a very long, grueling process.

It was. I’m always thinking you ought to be doing some of the songs the people know you for… the most recognizable, bigger hits like “California Girls,” “Help Me, Rhonda,” “Good Vibrations”… I actually have heard of acts who only do their new album, and don’t do their hits. I’ve never been in that mind set. Not only do I like to do those recognizable hits, I like to start from the beginning. We get retro. There are initial songs we’re known for, and they have a lot of energy. They’re upbeat and it brings people back. If they are of our age, it’ll remind them of summer at the beach — going out to Long Island or who else knows where. For many of our audience, our stuff is nostalgic. But, then there’s the younger crowd who just become aware of music. They’re digging into groups that gave rise to acts today.

We took it all into consideration so we perform the big hits and then the surfing songs. After a half a dozen up tempo songs, we’ll go with a nice ballad, and from there we’ll do more of that and end the first half with the cars songs. “I Get Around” ends the first half. When we come back, it’s laid back, and then we pick it up again.

It’s hard to please everybody, but it sounds like you guys really tried to do just that.

We didn’t want to disappoint casual fans or the hardcore fans. You can’t please everyone but we made a good effort and sometimes we’ll add in a song, and replace it with something else to keep it fresh. There are a lot of songs to choose from.

You perform a bunch of songs from Pet Sounds, which has taken on sort of a cult following after its release….

It took 30 years for it to go platinum. We presented it to Capitol Records and they didn’t do much with it. It’s a remarkable effort and achievement we do three songs or so. It’s regarded by so many great artists. Paul McCartney called “God Only Knows” a perfect song. He’s so prolific — to get one of those statements is just tremendous.

One aspect of the concert that I really appreciated was how you pay tribute to late band members Carl and Dennis Wilson — singing back up to them respectively singing “Forever” and “God Only Knows” is subtly moving…

We knew to be truly inclusive it would be kind of silly not to recognize Carl and Dennis. Brian’s fortunately there with us, while Dennis and Carl are not. It’s a drag. We felt the only way to be truly inclusive was to show footage of Dennis and Carl singing. It’s really cool to back them up

A lot has been made of the band’s troubles in the past, but was there ever really bad blood among you guys?

A lot of people focus on separation, and how we’re in different camps. The fact is there wasn’t really a problem between Brian and I. His father was running the publishing company and he didn’t credit me with writing “I Get Around,” “Help Me Rhonda” and a bunch of songs that I wrote words for. That was not fun to be discredited and to not be compensated. Brian told me he wanted to rectify this. He didn’t want to screw me, it was other people. The only recourse I had was to go to court to really establish authorship. From the outside perspective, it appeared I sued Brian but there was no bad blood. Brian and I have been singing together since children. We know each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

What came first the comeback tour or the new album?

Brian was working on some songs with Joe Thomas who was producing his record a few years ago, and I was given the task of completing some of the songs lyrically. We ended up using some songs on that record.That was the genesis of it all. The recording came first. We wanted to cover own own record to see if we could still sound like The Beach Boys and still get along, and the harmonies were as good as they ever were.

Once Capitol Records heard what was going on, they liked it enough to give us an album deal. Then it was like OK, let’s celebrate… let’s do some touring. We’ve had lot of tremendous success. We’ve done 15 shows and we’re getting ready to do the 16th tonight.

What’s been the biggest surprise so far?

I’d say the biggest was in Houston– the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion basically sold out. Selling out the Hollywood Bowl, our hometown, was great. We’re doing well in Europe, Japan and Australia. I don’t know if it’s surprising, it’s just gratifying. All of us together makes a tremendous impact. The whole is greater than the some of its parts.

Lastly, what is there to accomplish as a band that you already haven’t mastered. Is anything left?

Well, Tony Bennett at 85 debuted at number one on the charts. We’re 15 years behind him, but that would be pretty cool.

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George Harrison Suffered From OCD?

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Apparently now, according to the bestselling book BackStage Pass VIP you can add the late Beatle George Harrison to the list of people who have battled Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Some on that list include, Howard Stern, Megan Fox, and Howie Mandel.

“While under extreme personal and professional pressures in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Harrison’s OCD symptoms accelerated,” BackStage Pass VIP author Debra Sharon Davis said. “His need for order, extreme neatness and disciplining his life to be controlled and predictable was stifling — a burdensome form of self- imprisonment.”

One of Davis’s examples of Harrison’s OCD behavior manifesting itself came when George recorded his album All Things Must Pass in 1970, as colleagues and co-workers who were present at the time cited an unusual practice on his part.

“At his recording sessions Harrison employed a tea boy, a fellow whose sole job was to brew tea and immediately tidy up the empty cups and scattered napkins,”Davis wrote. “The tea boy was under strict orders — no sooner did a musician put down his cup then it was instantly confiscated along with soiled napkins.

“It appeared that for Harrison, wrestling with OCD symptoms, one wayward teacup or crumbled napkin constituted a distracting, paralyzing, chaotic mess that hindered his concentration and made him extremely nervous.”

Davis said the Beatle, who died in 2001, “had surgically structured his life as if he was balancing on a flimsy tightrope above a pool of crocodiles.”

A pool of crocodiles – really? He didn’t like a mess of cups around him and this constitutes surgically structuring his life? George was many things, good and bad I would imagine, but he was also extremely rich and famous. He had people from the time he was 18 doing anything for him he could dream up, maybe this was just an extension of that kind of lifestyle. What we do know for sure is, he was sadly taken 12 years ago and that…”Is a Pity.”

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Bobbi Kristina Walks Off New Show, Still Struggling To Deal With Whitney Houston’s Death

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Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has walked off her new TV show, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

Still dealing with the death of her superstar mother, Bobbi Kristina quit the TBS comedy last week, sources close to the production tell exclusively.

It was a fast exit for the troubled teen, who filmed only a few episodes of the show, which is scheduled to air its second season in July.

Her recurring role was announced less than a month ago. “She thought she was ready for this, but she wasn’t,” one source told The insider added that when Bobbi, 19, walked off the set she did it so quietly that barely anyone noticed, even though she dissolved into tears.

Bobbi Kristina is still filming her reality TV show for Lifetime, which the source says is less taxing on her and also features other members of Whitney’s extended family. But her departure from Perry’s show has thrown it into a chaotic state, forcing rewrites to explain the exit of her character.

Perry, says the source, is unhappy about having to deal with the situation but still fully supportive of Bobbi. Perry spoke at Houston’s funeral.

“Bobbi Kristina had a private breakdown and barely anyone saw it,” the source said. “She was crying and said she needed a minute, she needed a break to get herself together. But then she decided she couldn’t handle doing the show right now. She’s still mourning her mom.”

“She is confused right now,” another source told “She is not prepared to live without her mom.”

Things were going well on the show as Bobbi bonded with the cast and crew. But the toll of her mother’s death still weighs heavily on her every day and at one point Bobbi said: “Who am I fooling? I can’t do this.”

After walking off she later had a private conversation with Perry, who is deeply concerned about her. “He understands. He’s upset and worried about her,” the source said. “But now he’s had to do a lot of restructuring work on the show.”

Perry and show execs hoped that Bobbi Kristina would change her mind and come back immediately. But she has not and they have had to move on with rewrites.

“She just crumbled,” the source said. “She cried a lot.”

Since walking off the show, Bobbi Kristina has spent some time at home, the same house where Whitney lived. “She’s back in the comfort zone of being happy where her mother was and feels closer to her mom when she’s at home,” an insider told But Bobbi was also spotted in New Jersey this month and in Las Vegas during the Billboard Awards.

Money has not been an issue for the teen. While she was earning approximately $30,000 an episode for the TV show she still is receiving large sums from her mother’s estate, despite earlier reports that Whitney died broke.

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