Lindsay Lohan Assaulted In NYC, ‘Person Of Interest’ Being Held, Exclusive Details

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Lindsay Lohan has told cops she was assaulted in her Manhattan hotel room Sunday morning by a man she met at a night club last night, has confirmed.

Lohan told cops she’d met the man at 1 Oak nightclub and invited him back to her room at the W Hotel, along with some of her friends.

An argument ensued over photos she said he’d taken of her on his cell phone. She took it from him, and he then punched and chocked her, the troubled actress claimed.

A spokesperson for the NYPD tells exclusively that they took the “assault report” of the incident at 6 am.  The “victim” was not injured.

“We are currently interviewing a person of interest,” Officer Duffy tells us.

“No charges have yet been filed.”

Lohan’s TV flick Liz & Dick, which she’s hoping will help revive her acting career, airs on Lifetime in November.

Story developing….

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Grohl Says Foo Fighters Taking A Break

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Dave Grohl led the Foo Fighters into what sounds like a long hiatus with an end-of-tour gig at the Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park on Saturday night.

The band raced through a hits set before an estimated 60,000 music fans and millions more watching the gig live via streaming video online, and frontman Grohl took a moment to say goodbye after a lengthy world tour.

“Without making a big deal out of it, we don’t have any shows after this. This is it, man,” he said to fans.

“This is the show where we come out and we play as many songs as we can in a short period of time, because, honestly, I don’t know when we’re gonna do it again and this is the perfect place to do it, right now, tonight.”

His comments may stir up controversy among Foo Fighters fans, who took to Twitter a month ago to voice their disappointment after Grohl announced the band’s performance at Britain’s Reading Festival would be its last for some time.

The singer responded by stating, “Jeesh (sic)! Relax…I was only talking to England!!”

After their set at the Global Citizen Festival, the Foo Fighters made way for Neil Young & Crazy Horse, who headlined the charity event. Earlier in the day, the Black Keys, Band of Horses, and K’Naan performed, and John Legend made a surprise appearance to sing a stirring rendition of John Lennon’s peace anthem Imagine.

However, the music was only part of the event, which marked the culmination of the Global Poverty Project’s campaign to end extreme poverty around the world.

Actresses Olivia Wilde and Sophia Bush, singers Katharine McPhee and Selena Gomez and supermodel Karolina Kurkova all introduced scholars and and charity leaders, who spoke of the issues facing the Third World and how music fans could help.

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Kate Gosselin Allegedly Abused Her Kids With Wooden Spoon

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The former ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ star is accused of grabbing her kids by their hair and beating them with a wooden spoon — when they were just babies! Read on for the shocking details.

Kate Gosselin was never known for her warm demeanor on the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, but a new book is alleging that her parenting was more than strict — it was downright abusive.

“She was beating 2-year-old babies in diapers,” reporter Robert Hoffman told Star magazine. He claims he found secret journals that Kate used to write her books Multiple Bles8ings and EightLittle Faces. 

Robert says the journals detailed how she constantly used a wooden spoon to hit her children, and would even grab them by their hair.

“I don’t judge somebody for spanking, but what Kate wrote in her journal is just absolute violence,” he told the magazine.

One instance in particular he found shocking — when the kids helped themselves to M&Ms without asking, Kate flew off the handle.

“I really, really lost it! I pulled Collin up by the hair, and I spanked them so hard!” she allegedly wrote.

After Colin threw a tantrum another time, Kate reportedly went on another rage.

“I sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard…I never felt that I may really seriously injure a child, but today was that day.”

Robert’s upcoming book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, details more of the shocking allegations.

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Jay-Z Honors Biggie At Brooklyn Homecoming Gig

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The highly-anticipated show officially opened the new $1 billion home of Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Nets basketball team and 19,000 fans packed the arena to witness him in action as he christened the stadium.

He opened the sold out two-hour gig with the songs Where I’m From and Brooklyn Go Hard, before a huge image of B.I.G. was displayed across the stage backdrop as he performed covers of Biggie’s Kick in the Door and hip-hop classic Juicy.

Jay-Z, sporting the brand new Nets jersey and a matching black cap, then used the opportunity to boast about his minority ownership of the NBA team, rapping: “I got shooters on my team/No really, I got shooters on my team/Juan or Deron… Pick a arm (sic)”.

His hits-packed set included tracks Empire State of Mind, Big Pimpin’ and Encore, and Jay-Z almost convinced the crowd that he would stick to his promise of having no surprise guest appearances – only to bring out legendary rap pioneer Big Daddy Kane towards the end of the show to perform Ain’t No Half Steppin’, much to fans’ delight.

However, the Barclays Center’s opening night wasn’t championed by everyone – a handful of campaigners from various organisations, including the Occupy Wall Street movement, held a small street protest outside the venue in a bid to spoil the rapper’s big night.

While some demonstrated against the building owners’ failure to build affordable housing in the area around the Barclays Center, Occupy protesters staged a teach-in in an attempt to send an educational message to Jay-Z after he recently confessed he had no idea what the anti-big business activists were fighting for last year (11).

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Garfield Signs Up For Spider-Man Sequel

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Actor Andrew Garfield has officially signed on to re-team with director Marc Webb for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man.

Movie studio bosses at Columbia Pictures previously revealed the summer blockbuster would be given the trilogy treatment, and on Friday it was announced lead star Garfield will slip back into his red and blue bodysuit to reprise his role as the webslinging superhero for the follow-up.

Webb will return to take charge of the project, which is tentatively scheduled to hit theatres in May, 2014, while Emma Stone is in talks to play Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy once again.

The Amazing Spider-Man, a reboot of Sam Raimi’s original films, starring Tobey Maguire, smashed U.S. box office records in July by raking in $35 million on its opening day.

The action movie has grossed $750 million worldwide since its release.

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Bond: From Martinis To Heineken

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I grew up hearing from my father, “This isn’t Bond, you don’t know Bond!” spoken like Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men. He was, of course, referring to the Pierce Brosnan portrayal of James Bond. The pretty boy who relied on over the top gadgets that seemed to always work. I set out to prove my father wrong.

With every trip to the video rental I would search up and down the aisles for old James Bond movies. Roger Moore, Sean Connery (my favorite), and Timothy Dalton graced our humble ray-tube television and I got to “know” James Bond. I quickly realized there is no “true” Bond, only an idealized Bond that resides in each of our Y chromosome dependent minds. We all have our favorites, but the reality is that we pick and choose. Coming up with Roger Connery’s, Sean Brosnan’s, and Timothy Moore’s to fit our expectations. The same holds true with Daniel Craig.

I, for one, loved Casino Royale and the new Bond that came with it. He is grittier, tougher, darker, and downright manlier than the Bonds before him and I found myself questioning my choice of Connery. Craig’s bond goes along with the self-reliant spy’s like Jason Bourne in The Bourne Trilogy, or Tobin Frost, the anti-hero in Safe House.

Craig’s Bond is breaking away from the traditional, and while I am not happy that he is changing his drink, I can accept it. Gone is the ever so suave martini order, and in is… Heineken? In a reported forty-five million dollar deal, the new Bond movie, Skyfall, will have the superspy sipping on translucent green bottles of skunky beer rather than the timeless martini.

I’m sure this has outraged many diehard fans (Die Hard fans could care less), and I was at first one of them. However, we find ourselves in a time where product placement is the now the norm and directors and studios rely on it in order to produce.

Craig sums this up in an interview with MovieFone on the topic, “We have relationships with a number of companies so that we can make this movie. The simple fact is that, without them, we couldn’t do it,” Craig says. “This movie costs a lot of money to make, it costs as nearly as much again if not more to promote, so we go where we can.”

And they went with Heineken…  It could be worse. The beautiful seductress that is in every Bond film could have been Snooki, paid for by MTV, or the expected supercar could have been the 2013 Volvo, maybe Craig wouldn’t have wrecked in Casino Royale. As it stands, Bond fans don’t have much to be upset about. This should be seen as another move towards making Bond the “man’s man” rather than the gentleman of the upper 1%.

One thing is certain, if anyone is going to make a Heineken look good (I won’t say anything about taste) Bond will. Just don’t go ordering a Heineken shaken… or stirred for that matter.

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Matt Lauer Insisted TODAY Producer Take The Fall For Ann Curry Firing, New Report

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Matt Lauer was sick and tired of being badmouthed about Ann Curry being fired from the Today show, and he wasn’t going to take it any more. 

That’s the back story to a new report alleging that TODAY executive producer Jim Bell claiming Ann’s move from the morning anchor desk was all his idea was actually engineered by Lauer.

“Matt wanted Jim to do it. Matt was sick of being the punching bag.” a source told The New York Post.

PHOTOS: Stars Who Look Like Other Stars

As reported, on Wednesday, TODAY executive producer Jim Bell took the fall for the unpopular decision which has led to a ratings decline and a sea of bad blood at the NBC morning show.

“Matt feels that Jim didn’t take accountability for all the ratings drama at Today, the source told The Post. “Jim was away at the Olympics, getting all the glory. So Lauer forced Jim to stand in the firing line. Matt wanted Jim to take responsibility.”

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Film Fest Starts Early OSCAR Buzz

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Now that all the glitz and glitter has faded in the wake of that four-month festival-palooza known as Cannes/Venice/Telluride/Toronto, it’s a good time to get a sense of the early frontrunners going into awards season.

Sure, it’s a whole four months before the Oscar nominations are announced and a big chunk of the likely contenders aren’t even completed yet, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t already been some serious awards buzz surrounding a number of films and performances.

Topping the list would have to be Ben Affleck’s Argo, which officially hits theatres on Oct. 12, is a certified crowd-pleaser set against the backdrop of the 444-day Iran hostage crisis.

The energetic film is as good as a shoo-in for best picture and best director, as is Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, the drama that may or may not be inspired by the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Joaquin Phoenix, who fortunately did not make good on his threat to quit acting, is a likely lock in the various best actor categories while Philip Seymour Hoffman is certain to head up the best supporting actor slots.

Among the other actors who made a splash at the summer film festivals are Bradley Cooper, in his most accomplished role to date in David O. Russell’s mental illness-themed Silver Linings Playbook (the dramedy took home this year’s audience award at TIFF) and Bill Murray, playing Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park on the Hudson.

Several actresses have also emerged as serious awards season contenders, especially Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Cooper’s emotionally disturbed neighbour in the enthusiastically received film.

There’s also been Oscar buzz surrounding Keira Knightley’s turn as Anna Karenina in the latest big screen take on the Leo Tolstoy character, as well as Marion Cotillard’s performance as a killer whale trainer who has a terrible accident in the French film, Rust and Bone.

The above join several films and performances that already had awards pundits uttering the “O” word–beginning with Beasts of the Southern Wild and the remarkable performance of the drama’s nine-year-old star Quvenzhane (watch TV journalists break a sweat over that one) Wallis.

Joining Beasts among the Best Picture nominees could be Wes Anderson’s critically-acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom and, of course, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, although the Motion Picture Academy has yet to show the filmmaker much love.

Granted, any number of unknown quantities could sweep in between now and December and force some of those frontrunners out of contention.

Sight-unseen, industry observers are already declaring Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (arriving Nov. 16) a lock among the Best Picture nominees along with Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal.

And while we still don’t know how many Best Picture contenders will be making the 2013 cut, odds are in favour of Peter Jackson’s first installment of The Hobbit and Kathryn Bigelow’s chronicling of the taking-out of Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, to put in an appearance.

Also expected to live up to expectations are Les Miserables (plus a Best Actress nod for Anne Hathaway as Fantine) and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Ladies and gentleman, start your promotional engines–it’s gonna be a heated race.

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Michael ‘Kramer’ Richards Talks To Jerry Seinfeld About Racist Tirade: ‘It Broke Me Down’

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Shamed comedian Michael Richards has opened up to Jerry Seinfeld about the racist tirade that railroaded his career six years ago, and has video of their heartfelt chat.

In a candid interview with his former Seinfeld co-star, he admits he is still haunted by incident, saying: “It broke me down.”

In November 2006 the man who played Cosmo Kramer in the hit comedy caused a media storm after video of him repeatedly calling a heckler a “n*****” was leaked.

Richards was doing a stand-up routine at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood at the time.

In footage filmed by another audience member he is shown hurling racist abuse saying: “Throw his ass out…He’s a n*****! Look there’s a n*****!”

After laying low for years Richards has spoken to his former co-star for Seinfeld’s web series, “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.”

On the subject of being a “selfless” performer, he says: “That’s a lesson I learned…when I blew it in the comedy club. I lost my temper ‘cause somebody interrupted my act and said some things that hurt me and I lashed out in anger.

“I should have been working selflessly that evening…

“It was a selfish response. I took it too personally and I should have just said: ‘Yeah, you’re absolutely right. I’m not funny. I think I’ll go home and work on my material and I’ll see you tomorrow night…

“But – you know – it was just one of those nights.”

He added: “I busted up after that event…It broke me down.”

Richards goes on to thank Seinfeld for publicly supporting, him, saying: “And thanks for sticking by me. It meant a lot to me.

“But inside it still kicks me around…”

At one point during their meeting – as the two friends drive from Richards’ home to a Malibu coffee shop – the comedian suggests Seinfeld stop to drop in on his “friend” African-American boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

But instead they go to the house of Ghost Whisperer actor Jay Mohr. At first Richards claims he made a “mistake,” before admitting to Seinfeld that he really doesn’t know Leonard at all.

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Is Tom Cruise Finally Having A Long-Overdue Crisis Of Faith Over Scientology?

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Clearly, life hasn’t worked as planned for Tom Cruise, who has achieved OT Level VIII as a Scientologist and, as a result, is said to possess unprecedented control over “life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.” Yet even with the benefit of this amazing (paid) accomplishment, Tom hasn’t been able to maintain any sense of control over his three marriages. As such, he finds himself so lonely and miserable, and it certainly doesn’t help that everyone now knows the details of his wife auditions, which included filing of incisors and ignoring menstrual pain. Everyone also knows that he yelled at Katie Holmes for four straight days about the CO$, and she was so terrified of him that she used burner phones to file for divorce. Poor Tom might be realizing that he’s not such a great catch after all.

So the natural conclusion here (for normal people) would be for Tom to realize that maybe Scientology hasn’t been so great for him after all. He can’t seem to keep a wife, and everyone else thinks he’s crazy. No one will go watch any of his movies anymore unless he’s bungee jumping off the world’s tallest building. Sure, Tom has all the fame and money that a man could ever desire, but there’s still something definitely missing from his world (sanity?) that cannot possibly be filled by the CO$. Could he ever actually leave the cult though? That’s what this week’s issue of Star claims — that Tom is distancing himself from Scientology even though he hasn’t said whether or not he would ever actually leave the fold.

If Tom ever left, he’d have to worry about his videotaped audit tapes somehow being released. We already know that CO$ head David Miscavige is literally obsessed” with Tom, and he’s already gone so far as to spy on Tom for years to bring him back from his previous years-long defection while he was married to Nicole Kidman. CO$ defector John Brousseau claims that Miscavige wouldn’t hesistate to throw Tom under the bus by exposing his secrets. All the same, Star maintains that Tom is “crushed that his faith destroyed yet another of his marriages, [and] friends say the poster boy for Scientology is finally ready to move on.” This sounds like wishful thinking on Star’s part, but here’s the story:

Since third wife Katie Holmes blindsided Tom Cruise by filing for divorce in June, he has lost his swagger — and enough weight to seem like a shell of his former action-hero self.

Insiders say it was his unwavering devotion to Scientology that cost Tom his marriage to Katie. And it wasn’t the first time that that controversial religion — which allegedly controls every aspect of his life — had destroyed one of his relationships: His breakups from second wife Nicole Kidman and girlfriend Penelope Cruz were also linked to Scientology’s stranglehold over the actor.

But now, insiders say, Tom, 50, is starting to recognize the role his faith has played in his love life. And after suffering through this most recent and particularly painful divorce, the superstar may be finally turning away from Scienotlogy!

“Tom hasn’t admitted that he’s definitely leaving Scientology for good,” says an insider close to him. “But he’s distanced himself from those in the church and has been hanging out with good firends who aren’t part of the religion.”

For Tom, who for the past decade has surrounded himself with followers of the cultlike organization at all times — even in private moments in his own home — branching out is a giant step. “Tom’s been leaning on friends who have different perspectives, getting advice on moving on from Katie as well as on everything he’s been going through with Scientology,” the insider explains. “He’s finally seeing that being such an advocate for Scientology hasn’t served him as well as he’d hoped — he’s gone through three divorces, and his public perception has sunk to an all-time low.”

Tom’s relationships aren’t the only things that have suffered from his devotion. His once thriving career also hit the skids after he became more vocal in his support of Scientology. Since his now infamous 2005 couch-jumping incident on “Oprah” and, a few weeks later, his controversial interview with Matt Lauer, in which he lectured the “Today” co-anchor on the history of psychology, his odd behavior has been slammed in the press, and audiences have bee less enthusiastic about his films. In fact, with the exception of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, his past few movies have flopped at the box office. Tom’s former chef, Sinar Partman, an ex-Scientologist, explains the public’s turning against the star: “He’s associated with a cult, and it’s hurting his reputation.”

If Tom does sever ties with the church again, one thing is clear: David Miscavige will not stop until the star comes back. “everything Tom does is monitored, Parman tells Star. “And David Miscavige has a hold on everything in Tom’s life.

[From Star, print edition, October 8, 2012]

If Tom ever had the balls to leave the CO$, I would have to start thinking differently about him and maybe even stop making fun of his lifts (okay, I wouldn’t go that far). But I honestly don’t ever see how Tom could survive on a daily basis without Scientology’s slaves doing everything for him. They literally do everything for him except actually appear onscreen in Tom Cruise movies. They build and remodel his homes, they cook his food and clean his houses, and they plan his itineraries. All the while, they do the most important thing ever — they totally kiss Tom’s ass. In the infamous October Vanity Fair article, Nazanin Boniadi discussed how Tom’s daily life with his CO$ entourage is a chorus of them reminding him of what a great job he was doing “saving the world” with Scientology. What would he do if he didn’t hear such praise on an hourly basis and his only constant company was the empty vessel left by decades worth of (useless) auditing? He’d completely lose it.

Also, I really don’t buy this story at all except as a necessary continuation of the “poor Tom” narrative. Who belongs to his camp that would say this stuff to Star? All of Tom’s “insiders” are CO$. His household staff is CO$. His entire travelling entourage? CO$. The story also goes on to push the whole Tom wants to get with Cameron Diaz angle too. Ha.

On a related note, a Texas lawsuit claims that David Miscavige has splashed out millions of dollars to spy on one ex-parishioner, Pat Broeker, over the past 24 years. Pat, who was Miscavige’s rival for control of the CO$ when L. Ron Hubbard passed on to his next meat vessel, has allegedly been followed by private investigators since 1988. If Miscavige is this obsessive and ruthless about his former competitor, think of how he’ll be if Tom ever decides to formally leave the cult. Seriously, it’s like a Fatal Attraction thing between those two, isn’t it?

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