Michael Lohan Asks A Judge To Ban Dina’s Book

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Michael Lohan wants 2 things to burn in hell … Dina Lohan and her book … a book he wants stopped.

Michael was contacted by Birdstreet Books this week, informing him Dina had written a tell-alland he was a featured player.  It seems Birdstreet wanted Michael to sign off, but not so fast — Michael said he wants to see what she wrote … line for line.

And Mr. Lohan reminded the publishing house … he and Dina are under a gag order, and that applies to books, so she can’t legally write trash about him.

Michael is as certain as certain can be … Dina’s not writing a love letter to him in the book, and unless he sees the draft and signs off, he’ll go to court to stop it in its tracks.

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Management Shuffle Signals End of U2′s Beautiful Day

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u2Guy Oseary and Live Nation can’t save an aging band that’s lost its creative spark

Paul McGuinness could never break another hit act — and usually the mark of a great manager is the ability to do it more than once.

One of the best managers most people have never heard of? Gary Borman. He built Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban, and knows it’s who’s onstage who counts, not the genius behind the curtain.

That’s the downfall of the music business: the belief that suits count more than artists.

Credit McGuinness with building U2.

But now’s a good time to get out, because the band is at a crossroads. It took all the money out of the market with a multiyear stadium trek and, without a hit single, it will probably never be able to tour at this scale again.

Hits are what U2 is dependent upon if it wants to keep the mantle of the world’s greatest rock and roll band, which it stole from the Stones decades ago, even if Mick Jagger doesn’t know that.

But rock is dead. At least on Top-40 radio, where hits are made.

What’s a poor boy to do?

Become a venture capitalist, like Bono did with Roger McNamee and Elevation.

Or try and save the world, which Bono is also doing.

But if he wants to stay a relevant musician, that’s a much harder goal to achieve.

But he’s got Guy Oseary in his corner! Oseary becomes the manager of U2 with McGuinness’ sale of Principle Management to Live Nation.

To believe Oseary is a great manager is to think Metallica svengali Cliff Burnstein can front a band, and Irving Azoff can play in the NBA. What Oseary does best is get into the head of Madonna and make her believe he’s indispensable, which he’s not. Madge has had a series of managers since she broke through, even the aforementioned Mr. Burnstein, who helped her stay relevant with “Ray of Light.”

But Madonna’s relevant no more. It pains her, but athletes retire. And in music, the game changes. It’s less about age than fads and desire and other elements elder people just can’t keep up with, and oftentimes look bad trying to. If you’re not willing to admit your age, you’re gonna have a hard time in popular culture.

And so often music is youth culture.

And you can tour to your core, but as you age that core cannot fill stadiums — not usually.

If you know McGuinness, he’s a force of nature. Someone who’s all what he’s promoting, 24/7. It’s not easy to find someone like that, who lives and dies for you. He’s essentially Col. Parker, but with a fairer deal and a worldwide viewpoint.

In other words, no one’s gonna care as much.

So U2 has lost its rudder.

And although Live Nation’s Arthur Fogel is brilliant at what he does — one of the absolute best — U2’s problem is not touring financials so much as creative issues.

Music has always operated best when unrestricted. When those involved were free to reinvent the wheel at their leisure, to test limits, be offensive and charm us all at the same time.

Tying up with Live Nation is no different from selling out to Google or Microsoft. You’ll get paid, but you’ll lose control. Happens every day: The founders get frustrated and leave, and their products often go into decline.

But music is not a mere product. When done right, it’s not evanescent. It pricks our hearts and stimulates our brains and makes us believe life is worth living.

Bono once had that power. He’s sacrificed it. So goodbye ’80s rock. And goodbye ’80s pop, too. We’re in a new era where the most stimulating productions emanate from bedrooms, get traction on YouTube and are shared virally by the general public.

There’s business and there’s music. Business ain’t bad. But music’s in sad shape.

Because everybody’s looking to sell out.

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Elvis Presley Items Added To Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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elvisElvis Presley items including his ID bracelet, some of his rings and his wallet-size Army induction portrait are going on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.

The exhibit was opening Friday in conjunction with Elvis Presley Enterprises. The exhibit includes more than 40 artifacts loaned by Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tenn.

The items include Presley’s 41-carat ruby and diamond ring and the 1968-era white suit he wore when he performed “If I Can Dream” on a TV special.

The rock hall inducted Presley in 1986 and calls him “the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.”

The rock hall says he holds records for the most Top 40 hits with 104 and the most Top 10 hits with 38.

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Michael J. Fox: Matthew Broderick Almost Drove Me Out Of Hollywood

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michaelHe was always losing roles to Broderick, Fox recalls

Michael J. Fox was almost driven out of Hollywood and back to Canada, and it was partially thanks to Matthew Broderick, Fox revealed recently at the Casting Society of America’s Artios Awards ceremony. “In 1982, I was desperate to have a job in LA. I owed money, and my phone was cut off. I was selling sections of my sectional sofa. I was ready to go back to Canada and pick up nails on my brother’s construction site,” Fox recalled, according to Page Six.

When he went in to read for Family Ties, “They [initially] wanted Matthew Broderick,” Fox said. “He’d usually go in first for auditions, and you’d hear hands shaking. I was always losing jobs to Matthew Broderick.” Of course, Fox got the job that time, and the rest is history.

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Vince Vaughn Plotting ‘Swingers’ Reunion Sequel

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vinceVince Vaughn hopes to prove he’s still “so money.”

He wants to do a sequel to his hit 1996 movie, Swingers, about a group of hipster single actors who partied around Los Angeles during the swing dance revival, a source tells RadarOnline.com.

Vaughn is envious of how Mark Wahlberg is bringing Entourage, the HBO TV show he produced, to the big screen, the source adds — and now wants to revive one of his own success stories.

There have been previous attempts to make Swingers into a TV series in the late ’90s, but they didn’t fly and now, Vince sees the project as a big screen movie along the lines of The Big Chill, bringing all the main characters back and exploring what their careers are like as men in their mid-40s,” the source reveals.

And of course, Vince wants co-stars Jon Favreau, Ron Livingston, and Heather Graham and the film’s original producer/director, Doug Liman, on board.

But the source says the big problem of getting Swingers off the ground is Vince and Jon’s rocky relationship with Liman.

They can’t make a real Swingers project without Doug involved, and he is picky and hard to work with,” the source dishes.

Jon and Doug have feuded for years, which would have to be smoothed over before they come together on an updated Swingers.”

Also, Liman, who went on to direct The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the movie on which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  fell in love, would have to get an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The only real thing that could convince Doug to come back for another Swingers installment would be a huge paycheck, because he spent some of his own money on the original film,” the source explains.

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Sharon Osbourne: Doing The Osbournes Reality Show Was The ‘Biggest Mistake’ Of My Life

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osbournesSharon Osbourne says doing her family’s famous MTV reality show was the “biggest mistake” of her life.

The Talk hostess candidly confided on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show  that The Osbournes, which ran from 2002-2005, took a heavy toll on her family life.

Sharon said the demands of outrageous show meant she and rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne didn’t spend enough time with daughter Kelly and son Jack.

She and Ozzy “both worked to continue a lifestyle we had become accustomed to and we had to travel so my kids spent quite a time away from us and you can never get that time back.

It was the biggest mistake I ever did, but would I have wanted to live a lesser life?  You make the most of what you have.

I don’t know how, but Jack and Kelly came out just great,” she said.

Sharon also admitted that she and Ozzy split up when he relapsed earlier this year, but they’ve since reconciled.

The TV hostess said she moved out because of his drinking and drug use, but now he’s clean and sober thanks to a 12-step program.

He stopped because he knows what he was going to lose, not just me but everything.  He says we’re like bread and butter.  We fit together so perfectly.”

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Sure Sharon, whatever you say. The truth is, without that show neither you or your kids would have the kind of success you all enjoy today. Without that ‘reality’ show, no one would know your name nor would you have been a judge on several ‘game’ shows or sitting in that chair on ‘The Talk’ today. So go ahead Sharon, tell us all how ‘The Osbournes’ ruined your life after you have reaped all the rewards. What is true however is the program exposed you and your hubby as…how should I put it, not the greatest parents in the world….just rich ones. Also, make no mistake, without that program you so easily diss, your talentless daughter Kelly would be a seat filler rather than an on-camera personality today.

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Michael Bublé On His Performance Attitude: ‘There’s Never Ever A Dial-In Performance For Me’

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bubleI want to create a happy atmosphere and at the same time keep things intimate when certain songs call for that feeling. Years ago with small audiences I used to focus on that one guy whose wife dragged him there and he was sitting with his arms folded. My mission was to get him into it.

I’ve told the story a million times but when I first played The Blue Note in New York City I heard there was a line outside. I went out to say hello to them and the first person in line came up to me and said “You better be f—– good.” That’s New York for you. The people in the last row are as important as the ones in the first row. My job is to take people away for a couple of hours and I want them to have a great night. They paid good money.They deserve 110 percent from me.

I have two stages when I play a big venue so even the people at the other end get some up close and personal time. I walk through the audience and shake hands and kiss babies and am very attentive to the production and sets and sounds so everyone has a real experience and leave happy. I’m an old fashioned entertainer in that way.

There’s never ever a dial-in performance for me. Every concert has to be my best. I felt that way when I first started out with six people in the audience and I feel that way when I perform for 40,000 people. It’s just who I am.

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Has Tom Cruise Found Someone New?

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cruiseBritish mag claims Tom Cruise is dating Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon

It’s been a little more than a year since the death of TomKat, so I guess it’s about time people started speculating on who might fill the role of Tom Cruise‘s future bride. Well, according to Grazia magazine, there just might be a solid contender: Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon. And, yep, we totally LOL-ed too.

According to The Independent (via British mag Grazia), Tom and Laura have been on a few dates and the 51-year old megastar is reportedly “smitten” with the 33-year old actress. Oh, and did we mention that Prepon is a fellow Scientologist? That’s convenient because fast forward a few years from now when the TomAura couple (yes? no? Taura?) are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary, and Tom won’t have to worry that Laura will attempt to escape The Church’s clutches by moving to New York with their son Xenu. Score!

Supposedly, the couple have enjoyed brunch together and bonded over their shared love of auditing – okay, we made that last part up. But seriously, the “source” told Grazia: “Tom has known Laura for a few years now and they are all in the same social group that includes John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. He’s always been fascinated by her and, since seeing her in Orange Is the New Black, that has turned into an attraction. So he bit the bullet and asked her out.”

We’re skeptical to say the least, but what a match made in L. Ron Hubbard’s version of heaven!

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Carson Daly Sticking With ‘Last Call’ For Now As NBC Mulls A Reboot

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carson“Last Call with Carson Daly” quietly resumed production this fall, albeit later than usual, as NBC and producers have found a way to keep Carson Daly involved as the late night show’s executive producer and host — at least for now.

But long term, network insiders say they’re still mulling the future of the show and Daly’s on-screen involvement, news that TV Guide Magazinefirst broke in September: “‘Last Call’ could potentially continue with Daly or a new host. Also on the table is a format revamp, or perhaps the show might end its run all together.”

Daly is busy hosting “The Voiceworking as a regular contributor to “Today” and handling his daily morning radio show on Los Angeles, in addition to “Last Call.”It was the surprise “Today”announcement in September that led NBC to postpone the start of production for “Last Call’s”13th season. “He is the hardest-working man in show business right now,” says “Last Call”executive producer Stewart Bailey

According to Bailey, production finally started after a plan was hatched to find ways to film Daly’s wraparounds on a catch-as-you-can basis. “Carson’s back and forth between New York and Los Angeles and we’ve gone to New York to shoot with him, we’ve shot right after his radio gig in Los Angeles, between radio and traveling to ‘The Voice’ stage,” Bailey says. “Literally we carve as much time as we can every day where we can talk creatively about the show. We have to be like this ongoing college movie that shoots when the opportunity arises. Fortunately our show is not a day-and-date show. We don’t have a monologue. So we can afford to grab things when they’re available to us. Which means we travel a bit more with him.”

It also means the show has evolved even more this season as it continues to embrace a docu-style half-hour format focusing on behind-the-scenes looks at storytellers and musicians. “Last Call”features bands like The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala as they prepare for their show at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre, for example. The life of hot band-of-the-moment Capital Cities was filmed as they took their show on the road. “Last Call” just shot another rising band, Chvrches, last week.

Daly may not regularly be on hand at those shoots (although he continues to attend festivals like South By Southwest for the show), but he still gives final approval on bands and song lists showcased on “Last Call.”

Despite the hiatus, Bailey says “Last Call” will shoot 24 weeks of originals this season, on par with past years. (“Last Call” doesn’t run as many originals as the big shows like “Tonight.”)

“(Carson) has always pointed to this as something he’s most proud of,” Bailey says. “He gets to put his own personal stamp on music and culture and curate what we put out.”

NBC has its hands full at the moment preparing for the “Tonight Show” and “Late Night”

” transitions, which are just three months away. But after that, there’s still the possibility of a new host joining “Last Call” if it sticks with this iteration. Daly is also expected to remain as executive producer. But no decisions have been made.

“Last Call” has been in originals much of this month before taking a break. New episodes return the week of Dec. 9, with a mix of shows featuring bigger acts like Chvrches and one centering on “Write the Night,” a showcase of singer-songwriters, which taped Nov. 12 at Los Angeles’ Troubadour club.

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‘A Christmas Story’ At 30

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christmasEven after three decades, the triple-dog dare doesn’t get old.

The film “A Christmas Story” opened 30 years ago to mixed reviews but has shown its staying power as a holiday family favorite. Cleveland, where parts of the movie were filmed and hard-luck Ralphie dreamed big, is celebrating the anniversary with iconic leg lamps, holiday store windows like the ones that drew Ralphie’s wide-eyed stares, and stage and musical versions of “A Christmas Story.”

“It becomes part of your fabric for your whole life,” said Kevin Moore, managing director of the Cleveland Play House, where the stage version of the story has become a holiday staple.

In the film, starring Darren McGavin as the father, 9-year-old Ralphie was transfixed by the brightly decorated storefront windows. And he dreamed of getting an air rifle as a Christmas gift, despite warnings that he might shoot his eye out.

The plot follows his determined gift-begging, his encounters with bullies and his family’s daily hopes and dreams — including a lamp in the form of a shapely leg.

The Cleveland house where Ralphie’s film family lived will highlight the anniversary Friday and Saturday with appearances by original cast members and a BB gun range in the backyard.

The movie wasn’t widely acclaimed when it debuted, with favorable reviews barely outnumbering bad mentions like the one that grumped, “Bah, humbug” in the headline. But its quirky humor and love-in-family message struck a chord with audiences.

Like any holiday favorite, a sense of wonder is needed for “A Christmas Story” and 8-year-old Colin Wheeler thinks he has one to match Ralphie’s.

“We both have really big imaginations,” boasted Colin, who plays Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” musical at Cleveland’s Near West Theater.

It’s not easy playing Ralphie in that ill-fitting pink bunny suit, Colin said.

“I’ll tell you one thing that’s hard: it’s really hard not to laugh” while wearing that suit, Colin said.

Across town, the Cleveland Play House production of “A Christmas Story” attracts multigenerational audiences of children, parents and grandparents, Moore said.

The appeal in Ralphie’s blue-collar hometown is simple, Moore said. “It’s just a really quirky and yet incredibly sweet story and that resonates with Cleveland,” he said.

The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland has been decorated for the season to highlight the film’s roots in the department store now housing the casino, with leg lamps atop some of the slot machines.

Sheryl Peet, emerging from the casino, said she appreciates the movie and its humor, without regard to its Cleveland connections. “I like it. It’s got comedy, fun, Ralphie,” she said.

At “A Christmas Story” house overlooking humming steel mills, visitors can re-enact movie scenes including ducking under the 1940s-style kitchen sink or looking out the back door where Ralphie trudged through the faux snow.

The movie “snow” was actually mostly firefighting foam, pressed into service amid a cold but rare snowless stretch during filming in winter-hardy Cleveland.

Jim Moralevitz, now 73, lives down the street from “A Christmas Story” house and landed a cameo role in the film helping deliver the crate carrying the leg lamp.

The entrepreneur who developed the house as a tourist attraction, Brian Jones, gave Moralevitz a leg lamp seven years ago and it’s mounted in a 6-foot outdoor Plexiglas box near the peak of the front roof. People sometimes mistake it for “A Christmas Story” house and stop to visit.

In the neighborhood, “I’m known for the most drive-by shootings (filming),” said Moralevitz, a retired tour guide stepping back into his old role for comic effect.

Like many of the best holiday classics, the risky business turns cheerful at the end. Now families get together at holiday gatherings to watch the movie or crowd theater performances.

“It fills up the seats because it’s a family experience,” Moore said.

The anniversary of the movie will be marked beyond Cleveland, with versions on stage from Boston to California. The musical has returned to Broadway for another run.

A new bronze statue of the “triple-dog dare” tongue-grabbing flagpole scene is on display in time for the holidays in Hammond, Ind., hometown of Jean Shepherd, whose stories inspired the 1983 movie. One of the boys in the movie takes the dare and gets his tongue stuck on the icy pole. The Hammond reproduction has become a big hit since it was dedicated in October, with families stopping by to take their Christmas card photos.

But mimicking Hollywood might be risky, according to Nicki Mackowski with the tourist agency in Hammond.

“We’re working on putting up signs as the cold weather gets here. You know: ‘Lick at your own risk’ kind of thing,” she said.

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