‘Sopranos’ Alum Lillo Brancato Released From Prison After 8 Years

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picThe actor was convicted of attempted burglary and sentenced to a decade behind bars, but was freed and placed on parole earlier for taking courses and meeting disciplinary standards.

Former Sopranos actor Lillo Brancato is set to celebrate his first New Year’s Eve as a free man since 2005.

behind bars for his role in a botched Bronx burglary that also led to the murder of an off-duty cop.

Brancato was sentenced to 10 years in prison in January 2009, but he had already served three years in jail while awaiting trial and was eligible for a conditional release next July.

He earned an earlier release by taking college courses and meeting disciplinary standards, officials told the Associated Press. Brancato is on parole until the end of 2018.

In The Sopranos, Brancato played a bumbling, wannabe mobster who gets killed by James Gandolfini‘s Tony Soprano. He also starred opposite Robert De Niro in 1993’s A Bronx Tale.

In 2005, Brancato and low-level mobster Steven Armento were drinking at the Crazy Horse Cabaret strip club in The Bronx when they decided to break in to a nearby apartment and steal Valium, prosecutors said during their trial, according to the AP.

The sound of shattering glass awoke off-duty Officer Daniel Enchautegui, who lived in the neighborhood. He confronted Brancato and Armento in an alley and a gun battle erupted. Although Armento, who was carrying a handgun, fired first, prosecutors said, the officer suffered a fatal wound to the chest. Armento and Brancato were injured in the fight.

Armento was later convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Brancato, who was convicted of attempted burglary, was acquitted of a second-degree murder charge. The actor testified that the break-in never happened, saying he knew the owner and had permission to go inside the house to get painkillers and other pills, according to the AP.

Police union officials objected to Brancato’s release, arguing he should have been convicted of murder.

“This union will take any steps necessary to ensure that this miscreant follows the conditions of his parole down to the last letter,” Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said in a statement. “The entire law enforcement community will be watching and the minute he steps out of line, we’ll be sure that he is returned to prison to finish out the rest of his sentence.”

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Alyssa Milano Kills Jay Mohr With Kindness After He Makes Crude Comments About Her Weight

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ALYSSA MILANO at Vanity Fair D.J. NightThere’s bad blood brewing between Jay Mohr and Alyssa Milano after the brash comic lobbed a number of weight-related jabs at the actress following a joint appearance at a Las Vegas NASCAR award show.

After the event, Mohr told a radio show Milano’s “very tiny — in height — [but] it seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s***’ — I read it on her gut.”

He later said of the Who’s The Boss star, “Somebody sat in the director’s chair and was not wearing Spanx and I was like, ‘Jesus Christ.’”

The 41-year-old beauty tweeted at the comedian, who’s often heard on The Opie & Anthony Show, “@jaymohr So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife.”

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Brad Pitt’s Charity Under Fire As 30 Make It Right New Orleans Homes Rot From The Inside Out!

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bradBrad Pitt‘s Hurricane Katrina charity Make It Right New Orleans is under fire after more than two dozen homes that the organization built in the devastated Ninth Ward were discovered to be rotting from the inside out! “The wood turned gray and it was also black,” Make It Right home-owner Nola Verrett tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Also some parts it was buckling and it had mushrooms growing out of it. Different neighborhoods saw it too.”

Reps for Make It Right have laid the blame on the lumber, from wood company TimberSIL. A unique non-burning glass-and-wood blend, it had been guaranteed for 40 years, but now will be replaced at a cost of $150,000 to Make It Right.

It was unable to withstand moisture, which is obviously a big problem in New Orleans,” Make It Right rep Brad Pitt’s Charity Under Fire As 30 Make It Right New Orleans Homes Rot From The Inside Out! told the New Orleans Advocate. Pitt’s charity is now reportedly considering legal action against the company. (TimberSIL and Make It Right did not respond to Radar’s requests for comment on the situation.)

Meanwhile, Verrett tells Radar that the wood on her home has already been replaced with yellow pine.

It didn’t take no time at all,” Verrett, who has been living in the home for just over four years, tells Radar. “It’s just like they said. If something’s wrong, they make it right. We are very happy with our Make It Right home.”

However, others can’t say the same just yet. Homeowner Brad Pitt’s Charity Under Fire As 30 Make It Right New Orleans Homes Rot From The Inside Out! told WDSU News New Orleans, “They replaced a lot of houses but they ain’t replaced mine. They’re supposed to come pretty soon and do it.”

In all, according to reports, 30 homes will require reconstruction.

Pitt has said he gets “far too much credit” for the charity’s rebuilding efforts, even though he is the poster boy.

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Linda Lavin Recalls ‘Alice’

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"The Lyons" Opening NightLinda Lavin, a Tony winner (‘Broadway Bound’) who plays the mom of Sean Hayes’ character on ‘Sean Saves the World,’ says the sitcom ‘Alice’ got her into women’s issues.

Linda Lavin is getting the hang of Twitter.

She’s been practicing on Thursday nights when she tweets during both East and West coast airings of NBC’s sitcom “Sean Saves the World.” In the series Lavin plays Lorna, the loving, albeit pushy, mother of Sean Harrison (Sean Hayes of “Will & Grace”), a gay divorced father with a demanding job who is now full-time dad to his 14-year-old daughter (Samantha Isler).

“I’m getting a lot of response,” said the vivacious, petite actress, an age-defying 76, about her tweets. “Someone just said to me the other day, you are doing so much for grandmothers!”

Long before the Internet, Lavin had developed close, personal relationships with fans. While starring in the popular 1976-85 CBS series “Alice,” based on the 1974 Martin Scorsese film “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” Lavin became a kind of spokesperson for blue- and pink-collar working women who identified with her character Alice Hyatt, a widow with a young son who worked at Mel’s Diner, a roadside eatery just outside of Phoenix.

In fact, “Alice” politicized Lavin.

“I was pulled into the women’s movement,” said Lavin, during a recent interview at her vintage West Hollywood home she shares with her husband, designer/painter/musician Steve Bakunas, and their Snoopyesque beagle/Jack Russell mix, Mickey.

“I was asked to speak at events,” she recalled. “I had never been asked to speak in public before. I was a musical comedy actress. I was invited to labor rallies and ERA marches. I got educated. I was invited to join the National Commission on Working Women.”

Her involvement in women’s issues spilled into the TV series. “We did those issues on the show,” said Lavin. “When Mel hired a waiter and paid him more than us, I organized [the waitresses] Flo and Vera and said we are on strike.”

Though Lavin did two short-lived sitcoms in the 1990s — 1992’s “Room for Two” and 1998’s “Conrad Bloom” — Lavin primarily concentrated on theater. She had been a staple in New York theater before “Alice” — earning a Tony nomination for “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” — then went on to win the award for lead actress in a drama in 1987 for Neil Simon’s “Broadway Bound.”

She’s since earned four more Tony nominations (“The Diary of Anne Frank,” “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife,” “Collected Stories” and “The Lyons”), and raves in 2011 for her performance in Jon Robin Baitz’s “Other Desert Cities.” In fact, her “Desert” costar Stacy Keach recently guest-starred on “‘Sean” as the smarmy father of Sean’s boss (Tom Lennon) who sets his sights on Lorna.

(The actress is set to return to off-Broadway in May in a limited run of “Too Much Sun,” a new play written with her in mind by “The Lyons” author Nicky Silver.)

Lavin and Bakunas also ran the intimate Red Barn Studio Theatre in Wilmington, N.C., where they lived for several years. “We did three plays a year,” she said.  “Last year, we decided it was time to leave. We loaned the theater to another company. We moved to New York and then I got this job.”

She had also decided last year it was time to return to the small screen. “Television has the possibility of such a huge and endearing audience,” said Lavin, adding with a smile that she doesn’t mind the weekly series’ paycheck.

Lavin quickly accepted “Sean Saves the World,” which premiered in September to mixed reviews and modest ratings. The series recently got an order from the network for five more episodes, bringing its total to 18 for the season.

“The script was one of the best I had read in a long time,” she said. “Clearly, I am going to be offered mother roles, but this was a woman who had a mind of her own, was full-blown and had a great energy and a positive energy.”

A highlight of the show is the wonderful chemistry between Lavin and Hayes, who exchange repartee and quips with breezy ease. And the cast seems smitten with her.

“Linda is one of those rare gems that can get a laugh just by entering a room, giving a certain glance or simply saying one word,” said Hayes in an email interview. “Every week, she gives the most real, honest performance of any mom I’ve ever seen on television.”

“She’s kind of everything I hope to be one day,” added Megan Hilty (“Smash”), who plays Sean’s best friend and co-worker, Liz, who has a bit of a contentious relationship with Lorna. “She wants to play and wants to make it right. There is one point in every day I say ‘I get to work with Linda Lavin.'”

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Real-Life Wolf Of Wall Street Says He’s Not Making ‘A Single Dime’ Off The Movie

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wolfIn the wake of our coverage of his financial situation, Jordan Belfort, the real-life Wolf of Wall Street portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the new film, claims he is “not making a single dime” off either the film, or the book, RadarOnline.com has learned.

I am not making any royalties off the film or the books, and I am totally content with that,” the skilled scammer wrote on Facebook. “My income comes from new life, which is far better than my old one.”

The convicted huckster — who spent seven years behind bars in connection with $200 million finance fraud, claimed in a Facebook post that the proceeds from the tome and Martin Scorsese feature “amount to countless millions of dollars, and hopefully be more than enough to pay back anyone who is still out there.”

This comes on the heels of our report, in which attorney Diane Nygaard said “several individuals from all over the country” who invested in Belfort’s firm Stratton Oakmont are “still owed a lot of money,” amounting to “millions of dollars” in restitution.

Belfort’s full statement:

As you can imagine, I am very busy right now, but I owe this post to all my loyal friends and fans who have supported me since the beginning: For the record, I am not turning over 50% of the profits of the books and the movie, which was what the government had wanted me to do. Instead, I insisted on turning over 100% of the profits of both books and the movie, which is to say, I am not making a single dime on any of this.

This should amount to countless millions of dollars and hopefully be more than enough to pay back anyone who is still out there. I thought this was already public information, as I have already said it publicly numerous times, but apparently there is so much NOISE right now that it has gotten lost in the shuffle. So, again, for the record: I am not making any royalties off the film or the books, and I am totally content with that. My income comes from new life, which is far better than my old one. (Although I will admit the Quaaludes were kind of fun, at least in the beginning. Thankfully, they’re illegal! and impossible to find!)”

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‘The Newsroom’ Star Olivia Munn’s ‘Know It All’ Attitude Bugs Co-Star Jeff Daniels and Creator Aaron Sorkin

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oliviaThe Newsroom star Olivia Munn‘s “know it all attitude” is bugging her co-star Jeff Daniels and producer/creator Aaron Sorkin, a source told RadarOnline.com.

In fact, “Olivia and Aaron’s relationship soured so completely during season two of The Newsroom that it created a poisonous atmosphere on the set,” according to the cast insider.

It affected the entire show because Olivia was written to be such a prominent player this season. But by the end of the long shoot, Aaron and Jeff were barely speaking to her, and you can expect that in the third season, her role will be greatly diminished.”

The source said that Munn, who plays economist Sloan Sabbith on the HBO show about a fictional cable TV newsroom, caused conflict by overstepping the boundaries between the actors and writers.

Olivia was acting like one of his co-writers instead of like a professional actress, and Aaron didn’t appreciate hearing her opinions on everything, especially since he took a real risk in the show’s first year by hiring her.”

HBO recently confirmed that The Newsroom will return for season three in 2014.

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Gaga’s Ex Threatens To Sue After Book Paints Him As A ‘Villain’

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51Sl2PoJ1bL.jpgLady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl has threatened to sue her longtime friend Brendan Jay Sullivan and publisher HarperCollins over a book about the superstar that paints him as a “villain” who “didn’t have time for her.”

We’re told that Carl, a heavy-metal drummer, was unhappy with the depiction of him in the book “Rivington Was Ours” and fired off legal letters to HarperCollins and Sullivan.

The book includes details from Gaga’s early career, including how she swapped her “thick, dark, raven-haired Italian mane” for a bad blond dye job to impress her “inattentive and possessive” boyfriend Carl.

Gaga’s longtime friend, Brendan Jay Sullivan has written a book about the superstar, ‘Rivington Was Ours.’

Sullivan, a DJ, described Carl — who had a tumultuous relationship with Gaga before they broke up in 2008 after three years — as a negative influence on Gaga, dictating whom she could talk to and where she could work while himself being “distracted by a small coterie of drunk girls.”

Carl even admitted he wasn’t the ideal boyfriend, saying last year, “I was f - - king miserable, and it wasn’t her fault. It was my fault for being a drunk a - - hole. I would have left me, too.”

But that didn’t stop him from seeking legal advice over Sullivan’s tome. Sullivan confirmed to us, “Gaga told me herself that Lüc told her early in her career, ‘I hope you fail,’ and that gave her the fire she needed at the time to fight for her dreams. Lüc wasn’t happy that I made him the villain of the piece. HarperCollins got a letter from him, he is threatening me and HarperCollins with a lawsuit.”

Meanwhile, Gaga has revealed she has “found love” with “Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney, whom she met in 2012. She told Fashion magazine, “It has been hard for me to find it, but I have found love. When you meet someone that’s not intimidated by the amazing people that are around you [or] by the love that you receive — that’s love.” She added, “Men weren’t always happy for me. It was very challenging to watch a woman be so successful.”

Carl, reps for HarperCollins, and Lady Gaga haven’t responded.

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Year-End Late-Night TV: ‘Tonight’s Move To NY May Give NBC More Clout With Talent

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Late Night with Jimmy FallonThe year 2013 will go down as a big one for late-night TV, and not because Saturday Night Live was shamed into hiring a black woman for its cast – though that was pretty big. Decades from now, in Theory and Practice of Post-11 PM Programming classes at USC and NYU, aspiring network execs will study 2013 as the year NBC decided to move The Tonight Show back to New York. After months of speculation, a slew of news stories, a handful of NBC denials, a ton of late-night jokes, and one Jay LenoJimmy Fallon duet, NBC announced in April it had set a date for Leno’s latest departure from Tonight, and officially named Fallon his latest replacement, adding that The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will be based in New York City, where the long-running franchise originated.

Tonight’s return to New York drastically changes the late-night landscape. With Tonight at 30 Rock, Lorne Michaels for the first time will have charge of the network’s flagship late-night show as well as Saturday Night Live and Late Night – which SNL alum Seth Meyers will host — and can orchestrate an “event” for a guest across all three programs. NBC can also throw in a Today appearance; it’s also housed at 30 Rock. Lorne Michaels Packaging already has been in effect across the other two NBC late-night programs, say industry navel gazers who note how many SNL guests this season also appeared on Fallon’s Late Night. “It’s pretty much been 100% over the last year and a half,” insisted one. “Now he’ll have more power because [Fallon] will be in a better time slot. You’re talking about somebody who has a big series of stages” to offer, the pundit said.

NBC Broadcast chairman Ted Harbert says the network is working to streamline guest booking across its various celebrity-centric New York-based shows which, starting in the fall, will include a Meredith Vieira daytime talk show. “Every single person selling something comes to New York – it’s part of the swing,” he said. “I don’t think you’ll find anybody who only does late-night in Los Angeles and that’s their promotional tour.”

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Luke Grimes Exits HBO’s ‘True Blood’; Role Will Be Recast

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true2Vampire James will be back on True Blood next season, but the actor who plays him, Luke Grimes, won’t. The role will be recast. Ever since production on  Fifty Shades Of Grey was pushed by a month to December 2, there had been concern whether Grimes — who was cast as Christian Grey’s brother Eliott in the movie — would be able to do True Blood, which starts production on its seventh and final season in January. True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner had big plans for James, which was introduced in Season 6 as a vampire whom Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) met while she was locked up at Governor Burrell’s camp. Grimes was promoted to regular heading into Season 7, and Buckner in August told EW that Season 6 had only “scratched the surface” of what Grimes can do as an actor.

According to TV Line, which broke the news of Grimes’ exit, the actor asked to be let out of his contract after reading Season 7 scripts and being disappointed by the direction James was taking away from Jessica. “Luke Grimes will not be returning as James in True Blood,” HBO said. “The role of James is being recast due to the creative direction of the character.”

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Tim Tebow Lands ESPN Job

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Premiere Of Relativity Media's "Act Of Valor" - ArrivalsThe Heisman-winning University of Florida quarterback, who had brief NFL tenures with the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots, will be a college football analyst for the SEC Network when it launches in August 2014. Additionally, Tebow will offer commentary on parent net ESPN.

“I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity,” said Tebow. “When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.”

Tebow’s obligations to ESPN, which begin with pregame coverage of the Jan. 6 BCS National Championship Game, will not preclude him from continuing to pursue a career in the NFL. Tebow was most recently dropped by the Patriots before the start of the 2013 season, leaving him a free agent.

Named after the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference, in which Tebow played during college, the SEC Network kicks off during the 2014 college football season. Tebow joins a talent roster that includes Joe Tessitore, host of SEC Nation, and Paul Finebaum, host of The Paul Finebaum Radio Network radio show.

“Tim is an SEC icon with a national fan base and broad appeal. He will be a significant contributor to the compelling content we will deliver with the SEC Network,” said Justin Connolly, ESPN senior vp programming, college networks. “Tim brings a wealth of knowledge about the game, the conference and the passion among SEC fans.”

On-air plans for Tebow on ESPN include appearances on SportsCenter, ESPN Radio and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage.

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