Chelsea Handler Slams Instagram For Taking Down Topless Photo

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chChelsea Handler posed topless on a horse, mocking that legendary photo of Vladimir Putin doing the same, and posted the photo to Instagram, only to have it taken down soon after. “Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to prove I have a better body than Putin,” Handler wrote.

ET Online reports that Handler posted the photo again and wrote, “If Instagram takes this down again, you’re saying Vladimir Putin has more 1st amendment rights than me. Talk to your bosses.” Obviously, they removed it again.

Later, Handler posted the message Instagram sent her in response and wrote, “If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it’s ok, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?”

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‘Airwolf’ Star Jan-Michael Vincent Felt ‘Beaten’ After Leg Amputation

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2He might be missing one leg, but Jan-Michael Vincent’s attitude never faltered since a bad infection changed his life drastically.

In an exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER provided to, Vincent talks about life after being a Hollywood star and losing his leg. The former Airwolf star, whose life has been ravaged by alcohol, drugs and violence, told the magazine that he knocked on “death’s door” after a leg infection – a result from complications of peripheral artery disease – forced doctors to remove the majority of his right leg.

“I felt like I was beaten with a whip,” he revealed to The ENQUIRER. But it wasn’t over after the initial amputation. Vincent’s wife, Anna, said that while he was recovering from the drastic surgery, she was forced to “be brave for him” despite wanting to faint. She also admitted that doctors told her he might not survive because of the severity of his health.

“I remember one horrible night in the hospital,” she recalled. “I had to help hold him down and keep the oxygen mask on him so he could breathe.”

But after a month in the recovery ward, the ‘80s heartthrob developed another infection, resulting in a second amputation. His wife, however, stayed by his side and has even helped him learn to walk with a prosthetic limb, which helps keep his spirits high.

“I look at this now and think I have nothing to be upset about when I think about what our U.S. military go through,” he told the magazine. “They’re the real heroes.”

Although he has maintained a positive outlook, Vincent’s financial problems also weigh on the couple. His wife revealed to The ENQUIRER that they owe about $70,000 in back taxes.

“I’m praying for a solution,” Anna said.

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Amanda Bynes Released From Psychiatric Facility, Reportedly Wandering Streets

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abAmanda Bynes was reportedly wandering the streets of the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, hours after being released from the psychiatric facility where she was held for more than two weeks, TMZ reports.

According to the gossip site, the troubled actress was turned away from multiple hotels after she asked a hearing officer for her release which was granted despite her doctor’s insistence that she is mentally ill.

The officer determined that Bynes appeared lucid and was taking medication and therefore she could no longer be held at the psychiatric facility involuntarily– cutting her 30-day hold short.

The 28-year-old was placed on an involuntary medical hold at a Pasadena hospital Oct. 10 after tweeting that a microchip in her brain caused her to accuse her father of sexual abuse.

Earlier this week, Bynes’ mother, Lynn, had been granted a probate conservatorship, giving her control over her daughter’s estate while she received treatment.

Bynes’ mother cited her daughter’s recent DUI arrest in California and erratic behavior in New York as proof that Bynes poses a “substantial risk” to herself and others, TMZ reported.

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Jorge Garcia Celebrates ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Role

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ggSince playing the lucky-unlucky lottery winner Hurley on “Lost,” Jorge Garcia’s career has moved along nicely from “Alcatraz” to “Hawaii Five-0” and upcoming big-screen movies.

It’s logical that he might indulge himself in, say, a fast car or pricey wristwatch. But to think that is to badly misjudge the man and, if you happen to see him decked out on Halloween night, you’ll understand why.

“Oh, man, do I admit this?” Garcia said. “I always wanted to have an Elvis jumpsuit made and always found reasons not to do it. But getting the job on ‘Five-0,’ I said, ‘OK, I’m doing it.'”

Specifically a $3,700 “Dragon” jumpsuit — a white version with colorful dragons embroidered front and back — from a costume design company that also offers, among many others, the Burning Love and Aloha from Hawaii versions for Elvis impersonators and admirers like Garcia.

If the custom-tailored suit arrives before Halloween he’s definitely wearing it, said Garcia, 41, a fan of the holiday as demonstrated by his Instagram postings. It would also be a nice way to mark Friday’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0,” in which his character, Jerry Ortega, has a featured role.

Conspiracy theorist Jerry has been spying on a suspicious bookstore and “it turns out they’re also spying on him,” Garcia said. “Perhaps he poked his nose in where he shouldn’t.”

This season represents Garcia’s move up from recurring guest star to series regular on “Hawaii Five-0,” the revamped version of the 1968-80 police drama. Among the show’s stars is Daniel Dae Kim, who as Jin Kwon was stranded with Garcia on the Hawaii-based “Lost.”

“Half the (production) crew are people I already know” from “Lost,” Garcia said. “When I came back and did the show as a guest star it definitely had this feeling of coming home.”

Paradise is only rented, however. He still has a house in the Los Angeles area, where he can stay on top of job opportunities.

“It’s better to be in the room for certain meetings then do things remotely. You can get a better feel for the personalities,” said Garcia, who comes across as drolly funny but also much more focused than his often free-spirited characters.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Southern California’s Orange County, he found youthful career inspiration in two very different films.

“It was seeing ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ that made me first want to be an actor. I just loved Tevye so much; I used to sing ‘If I Were a Rich Man’ when I was little,” he recalled.

Was that accompanied by Topol’s exuberant, hip-shaking dance from the 1971 movie?

Of course, Garcia said. “If you’re gonna play it, play it.”

As a fledgling performer, the roles he expected to get were along the lines of the funny neighbor in a three-camera sitcom.

“I knew I wasn’t a usual type,” said the round-faced, bushy-haired Garcia.

His first big role came in the Ted Danson sitcom “Becker” in 2003-04, followed by small roles in other shows and movies. Then came Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in 2004, a welcome chance to play a character with dimension.

He’s adding more movie credits to his resume, including two set for 2015 release: “The Wedding Ringer” starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, and “Cooties,” a horror-comedy featuring Elijah Wood, Alison Pill and Rainn Wilson.

As for his distinctive mane, he’s more than ready to part with it (“I’ve had long hair for so long, I need to start feeling like a grown-up”) and step into what he calls “real suit-and-tie guy” roles. He plans a serious trim after “Hawaii Five-0,” with his Elvis Presley suit as added inducement. He and friends are planning an indie film that would include a scene with a couple of Elvis impersonators.

But there will be other uses for his treasured outfit.

“It’s not like I wouldn’t walk around my house in the Elvis suit with a gorilla mask on, just for entertainment,” Garcia said.

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Alison Sweeney Says Goodbye To ‘Days Of Our Lives’

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36th Annual Vision AwardsThe actress wraps her 21-year career as Sami Brady with personal messages to fans of the show

Alison Sweeney wrapped a 21-year career of playing Sami Brady on NBC’s daytime soap Days of Our Lives on Thursday with heartfelt messages on social media for her fans.

After her last episode aired, Sweeney posted an open letter on Facebook addressed to “#Days fans”  that emphasized she was as much of a fan of the show as she was a player.

“When I first found out I was auditioning for Days (in September of 1992), I flipped out!! It was quite literally a dream come true for me because I’d been a mildly obsessed Days of our Lives fan for several years,” the letter said.

“I took that fan experience into every storyline I was involved with over the last two decades. I always felt the audience watching at home. It has always mattered to me to tell the story as best as I possibly could. Whether it was #Ejami, #Lumi, #Safe, #Kami or … #Sole, or somewhere in between, whether I personally liked the story or not, I did my best to keep Sami true to herself, and played every scene as honestly as I could. I look back through all of it, and am proud of what I accomplished. Proud of the memories, the hard work and the fun times. I’m proud of who I’ve become as a result of my 21 years in Salem.

“No question – I am #teamSami. I have always rooted for her … to finally stop putting her foot in her mouth, being her own worst enemy, eternally needing her parents approval, oh, this list could go on and on. It’s impossible to miss Sami’s faults. But I loved her more for them. And I loved playing her faults and her character flaws as much I loved playing the scenes when she persevered!”

Since filming her final scene in May, People reported Sweeney has announced plans to direct episodes of ABC soap General Hospital while continuing to hosting The Biggest Loser.

In her Facebook post, Sweeney included a photo gallery of images from both sides of the camera, titled “#DaysofSami.”

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‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ Season 5

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jsSeinfeld’s online video shorts in his Crackle show Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee have scooped up lots of awards in the Internet space over their first four seasons, and the whole project seems to be keeping zillionaire Jerry as entertained as his audiences.

Now Crackle’s released the trailer for Season 5, which launches online in a week, at mid-day on Nov. 6. Guests this season include Fred Armisen, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Miranda Sings and Ali Wentworth.

Also worth noting: some truly exquisite vintage cars (and a boat!) carrying the comedians to their designated cuppa Joe. They’re worth the price of admission alone (though technically, these are available online for free through Crackle).

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s World Changed, And Then So Did His Career

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Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal is on the kind of run most actors probably dream about. Since 2010 — when he starred in a pair of derided genre films, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” and “Love and Other Drugs” — the 33-year-old has turned in a handful of fabulous and diverse performances. The peak of this stretch is “Nightcrawler,” out Oct. 31, which finds Gyllenhaal playing an obsessive loner named Louis Bloom who finds his true place in life as a freelance news videographer on the streets of Los Angeles.

“The script, when I read it, gave me a feeling of, ‘Oh shit, I haven’t seen something like this. This feels new,'” Gyllenhaal told HuffPost Entertainment of the film, which was written and directed by Dan Gilroy. “I felt like I had been given this gift. Sometimes it happens. They came to me with the movie, and I was like, ‘You just gave me a treasure map.'”

“Nightcrawler” has provided Gyllenhaal with the best reviews of his career, this after last year’s “Prisoners” supplied a similar service. The roles are very different, but Gyllenhaal’s commitment to the work is the same. For “Prisoners,” he affected a subtle facial tick that went unexplained by the text of the film; for “Nightcrawler,” the actor lost 30 pounds and even injured his hand while punching a mirror during one particularly tense sequence.

“Dan and I talked a lot about L.A. and how, at night, wild animals come down from the mountains,” Gyllenhaal said of his preparation to play Lou. “I don’t think you can live in L.A. for a certain period of time and not cross paths with a coyote. That’s such a distinct exchange. Dan and I talked a lot about Lou being a coyote. The beginning of the movie is Lou trying to find food — figuratively or not. They are ruthless. They prey on the vulnerable. Lou is like that too. In that way, I think Lou is a gangster. That’s him.”

Gyllenhaal made his screen debut as an 11-year-old in “City Slickers,” and became one of Hollywood’s most sought after leading men in his 20s following roles in “Donnie Darko,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Jarhead” and “Zodiac.” But the aforementioned “Prince of Persia” marks a clear divide in his lengthy resume. The features that followed — “Source Code,” “End of Watch,” “Prisoners,” “Enemy” and “Nightcrawler” — are director-driven films with clear stylistic approaches that exist outside of Hollywood’s mainstream.

“My instinct is, first and foremost, a guide for me,” Gyllenhaal said of how he picks roles now. “That is something that has changed. I go there first and last.”

Asked what made him realize intuition should be his ultimate arbiter of work, Gyllenhaal cited the many changes to his life after turning 30, including his parents’ divorce after 30 years of marriage. (Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner, Gyllenhaal’s father and mother, split in 2010, according to the Los Angeles Times.)

“They went their separate ways, and found a very honest truth. As a result, even if I was 30 when it happened, it was still a model for me,” Gyllenhaal said. “It made me say, ‘Wow, they’re being honest about their lives and what they want.’ And not like I hadn’t been before, but it made me look at myself and ask myself more questions about that. It made me ask myself, ‘How can I be as honest too?’ Even though you’re out of the house and you’re an adult and you have a career, when the people you love and admire — particularly your parents — start doing things to change or start being very honest, it’s a huge influence. And mine were, and I credit that for the start of it.”

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Jian Ghomeshi Allegedly Attacked Actress Lucy DeCoutere On 2003 Date

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ggActress Lucy DeCoutere is the first woman to attach her name to allegations of violence at the hands of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi in interviews with the Toronto Star and CBC’s The Current.

DeCoutere, who plays Lucy on the TV comedy Trailer Park Boys, told CBC’s The Current that Ghomeshi physically attacked her during a date in 2003.

DeCoutere’s allegations come after a string of similar accusations from women who did not want to be named that have appeared in recent days on the CBC and in the Toronto Star.

DeCoutere met Ghomeshi at a Banff, Alta., television festival and maintained a playful correspondence with him after that.

On one occasion in 2003, she visited him in Toronto and the pair went to dinner and later to Ghomeshi’s house. They started kissing consensually, but, she said, Ghomeshi soon became violent.

“He did take me by the throat and press me against the wall and choke me,” DeCoutere said. “And he did slap me across the face a couple of times.”

She doesn’t recall telling him to stop but said her facial expression turned very serious and Ghomeshi was no longer violent after that. She left within an hour and saw Ghomeshi two more times that weekend, but they did not discuss the incident, and no further violent incidents occurred.

She said she had no physical marks on her body from the attack and did not seek medical attention or report it to the police, partially because she felt there were too many holes in her story.

Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Neil Rabinovitch, told The Current that neither he nor Ghomeshi would be commenting on the allegations DeCoutere made to The Current because the case is before the courts. Ghomeshi launched a $55 million lawsuit against the public broadcaster on Monday after the CBC ended its relationship with the former Q host a day earlier.

In a Facebook post responding to his dismissal, Ghomeshi denied that he has instigated non-consensual violent sex with women and said he only participates in sexual practices that are “mutually agreed upon, consensual and exciting for both partners.”

“In the coming days you will prospectively hear about how I engage in all kinds of unsavoury aggressive acts in the bedroom. And the implication may be made that this happens non-consensually. And that will be a lie,” he wrote.

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Kaley Cuoco Receives A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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cc“The Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco was joined by fellow cast members from the hit TV sitcom as she received a star on Hollywood’s storied Walk of Fame.

Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Simon Helberg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj), as well as the show’s co-creator Chuck Lorre, were on hand for the star-unveiling ceremony on Tinseltown’s famous sidewalk.

“This cast has changed my life in many ways,” said the 28-year-old, who plays Penny in the series, which has been running since 2007 and is in its eighth season.

“We laugh a lot (doing the show). This is a testament to the hard work and the dedication and the joy of doing something we love,” said Lorre, as crowds gathered for the morning ceremony.

“Big Bang” averaged about 20 million viewers an episode last season, making it the most-watched comedy in America.

Earlier this year the three main stars of the sitcom reportedly reached lucrative new pay deals, ending a delay to the start of production on the show’s latest season.

Emmy winner Parsons, along with co-stars Galecki and Cuoco, roughly tripled their salaries and will now be earning about $1 million an episode, according to the Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

The trio signed three-year deals, meaning they will stay with “Big Bang” through its 10th season, the industry journals said.

Cuoco was accompanied by her tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting to Wednesday’s ceremony.

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Kim Kardashian Blindsided By Kanye West’s Plan To Move Daughter North To Paris

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kwKanye West is moving on – and could be leaving Kim Kardashian in his wake!

The rapper is planning on making a full-time relocation to Paris early next year, In Touch is reporting. But the “Stronger” performer allegedly wants to take daughter North with him, even if it means leaving his wife behind in the states.

The reality star and West have been feuding for a while, the magazine claims, and the couple allegedly had a blow out fight right before her wild birthday party at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas.

“While they were getting ready, Kanye calmly told Kim that he was planning on making a move to Paris…and he was going to do it with or without her,” an insider tells the magazine. “It was like a sucker punch to the back of her head.”

According to the insider, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star didn’t take too kindly to the news.

“She screamed back that there was no way in hell he was taking North, then ran out of the room sobbing.”

But if this 5-month marriage shouldn’t work out, it will be Kardashian’s third failed union. The insider tells In Touch that even though the humiliation used to bother her, she has since gotten over it.

“The ruse stopped that night,” the source said. “She’s finally done with The Kanye Show – a divorce and custody battle are imminent.”

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Whether this particular story is true or not, the reality is….this marriage will end soon enough.

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