Ray Davies: ‘If We Do A Kinks Show, We’re The Kinks’

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rayKinks frontman Ray Davies wrote a staggering number of songs during the band’s early years. For proof, look no further than The Anthology 1964-1971, a new 139-track collection that includes 25 unheard demos and outtakes. There’s also talk of a Kinks tour, which would be their first since 1995 – but first Ray would have to come to terms with his brother (and Kinks guitarist) Dave. “He’s a lovely bloke, my brother,” says Ray. “But he’s got his way of thinking about things.”

In the Kinks’ early years, you may have been the most prolific songwriter in rock. The record company, and probably our manager too, thought we wouldn’t last long, so they made us record more. Every time a record got into the Top 10, they said, “You’ve got to have another one.” So it kind of was like an assembly line.

The Who’s first few singles sort of ripped you guys off. Did that bother you? Well, they were influenced, to put it politely. When I heard “I Can’t Explain,” I thought, “Someone’s cocked our rear!” Pete [Townshend] has said that it was an influence. But that wasn’t as bad as when the Doors came out with “Hello, I Love You.”

Which sounds just like “All Day and All of the Night.” My publisher wanted to sue. I was unwilling to do that. I think they cut a deal somewhere, but I don’t know the details.

It’s interesting to hear the early version of “Waterloo Sunset.” Why do you think that song was huge everywhere but America? It’s a song with a subject matter that’s very English. But it also came out during the period when we were banned from America.

That was when you were barred from touring by a powerful musicians’ union. It was a severe blow because America was the source of most of the inspiration I had as a kid. It was nirvana, the better place to go. We couldn’t tour there, and so we disappeared from radio. The ban lasted for two and a half years, I think. When we finally were allowed to come back, we sounded like a different band. We changed our style quite a lot.

Wes Anderson has used some of your songs in his movies. Do you think he introduced your music to young fans? I do. It has been really flattering, and what’s great is he doesn’t use the obvious hits. He picks lesser-known songs because they fit the story more.

It’s amazing that “Lola” was such a big hit in 1970, considering the subject matter. The subject matter was concealed – it’s a crafty way of writing. I say, “She woke up next to me,” and people think it’s a woman. The story unfolds better than if the song were called “I Dated a Drag Queen.”

You turned 70 this past summer. Do you feel any different? I don’t think about it much. I’m just trying to get my writing together. The Kinks have a bunch of tracks in some stage of completion. I’d like to get them finished.

Are you thinking of taking unfinished songs and going back into the studio to finish them? I’d like to do that. We’ve got tracks back from Dave, Mick [Avory] and the original band members. We’re talking about the Seventies and Eighties. There have got to be 20, at least. Then there are other finished songs I have in various forms of demo.

There have been lots of rumblings about a Kinks tour next year. Is that going to happen? I can’t think that far forward. Over the years, I’ve been doing a few new tracks with Mick, our original drummer. You know about the war between Dave and Mick.

Those guys have been at each other’s throats for 50 years. I don’t work for the United Nations. I’m just a musician. I had a drink with Mick last week, and I asked, “What happened to you guys?” They shared a house in the 1960s. I think some things went on there that created a rivalry.

It’s crazy that it’s still going on. It’s like a bad Harold Pinter play.

Dave said he doesn’t want a Kinks tour to be the Ray Davies show, with his kid brother in the corner. I don’t understand what that’s about. If we do a Kinks show, we’re the Kinks. Ray stands on the right of the stage and Dave stands on the left. Look, my brother is very intelligent. He’s a good writer. We actually put down a few demos last Christmas. He came to see me, and he played me a couple of new songs.

So . . . there will be a tour next year? I don’t know about next year. I’m doing a studio album of my songs from my book Americana, and I’m going to do a small tour. As for the Kinks, I have to talk to Dave.

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Chris Rock Mourns The Loss Of His Role Model Bill Cosby

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ctrChris has always been one of Bill’s biggest fans, but revealed in an interview with ‘New York Magazine’ that he feels like the world has lost Bill, or at least the Bill people knew and loved.

Chris Rock is the first to admit that it’s been “a weird year for comedy.” Between the deaths of comedy legends Joan Rivers and Robin Williams, and now with the rape allegations surrounding his idol Bill Cosby, Chris admits in an interview with New York Magazine on Dec. 1 that he feels like a big part of Bill has been lost too.

Chris, 49, is pretty speechless about Bill’s rape allegations scandal, even though the 77-year-old comedian has denied any truth to them.

“I don’t know what do say. What do you say? I hope it’s not true. That’s all you can say. I really do. I grew up on Cosby. I love Cosby, and I just hope it’s not true,” Chris said in the interview according to Vulture.

Chris also said of his idol that early on Bill was disdainful towards him, “but he turned pretty quick.” “It’s been a weird year for comedy,” Chris continued. “We lost Robin, we lost Joan, and we kind of lost Cosby.”

Chris looked up to the comedy legend with a lot of respect, as did many others, but that respect has now been shattered and it feels like Bill is gone.

Chris also praised the late Joan, calling her a “great person” and “underrated comedian.” “Who the hell’s funneir than Joan Rivers?” Answer: no one!

As for Robin’s tragic death, Chris said that “comedians kill themselves.”

“Talk to 100 comedians this week, everybody knows somebody who killed themselves. I mean, we always say ignorance is bliss. Well, if so, what’s the opposite? Some form of misery. Being a comedian, 80 percent of the job is just you notice s***, which is a trait of schizophrenics too. You notice things people don’t notice.”

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‘Young And The Restless’ Star Kristoff St. John’s Son Dead, Loses Battle With Mental Illness

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kkkThe Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John’s son reportedly ended his life after a long battle with mental illness. She Knows reports that St. John, who plays Neil Winters on the popular soap opera, is “dealing with a real life tragedy” following the death of his 24-year-old son, Julian, on November 23.

Kristoff St. John and his wife, boxer Mia St. John, announced their son’s death on Twitter on November 28, telling fans that they lost their “beautiful son.” Their message extended beyond Twitter and onto the site Sqor Sports, where Kristoff and Mia issued a full statement about their son’s death.

“On November 23rd Kristoff St John and I lost our beautiful son, Julian St John. Our son was the light of our lives, an artist with a beautiful mind and spirit. He fought long and hard against an illness for which there is no cure. Unfortunately the pain became too great for him and I dare not say he lost the battle–he simply chose to set himself free. My fight for mental health will continue. They may not find a cure in my lifetime, but we can try and prevent the loss of another beautiful soul.” Julian was a talented artist, and some of his art will be on display at a reception that his mother, Mia, states will take place after his December 5 funeral.

“Funeral services will be December 5th, his birthday, in Westlake, California. Following services will be a reception and art exhibit from his final collection.”

Julian St. John reportedly suffered from mental illness for the greater part of his 24 years. The Huffington Post reports that at one point, Julian was homeless for a period of time and had run-ins with the law.

“Julian knows what it is like to feel lonely, off-kilter and claustrophobic. He has endured bouts of severe depression since he was a child. And for a stretch of time in the recent past he was homeless, sleeping in the bathrooms of public parks and occasionally in motels. He has battled addiction issues and has had scrapes with the law.”

Y&R star Kristoff St. John’s son, Julian, would have turned 25 on December 5. Instead, his parents will be burying their son, with his funeral, reception, and exhibit of Julian’s artwork set for Friday in Westlake, California.

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John Candy’s Son Shares Memories

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chrisJohn Candy will forever be remembered as one of the greatest comedic actors in Hollywood history. Sadly, in 1994, while filming the comedy Wagons East!, Candy passed away in his sleep from a heart attack. He was 43.

Over two decades later, John Candy’s son Chris Candy, an actor as well, sat down with ET Canada to discuss the life and legacy of his late father.

“With him being gone 20 years now, you feel like he’s within you a little bit,” he told ET Canada, whose interview with Chris kicked off their Celebrity Kids Week. “He was just an amazing actor. There was only one John Candy, and he was it.”

Chris, 30, also opened up about what he feels made his father such a beloved entertainer, and how it’s influenced his own efforts as a performer.

“My dad’s ability as an actor was that he was very funny, and he had a lot of heart behind all of his work, and he loved to do it,” Chris shared. “I feel like that has definitely come across in my work.”

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Chris Rock On ‘Today’ Janay Rice Interview: “You’ll Show ‘Good Morning America’ “

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crChris Rock somewhat offered Today his congratulations for securing and airing the first part of an interview with Janay Rice, the wife of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was brutally punched by her husband in a casino elevator in February.

After Matt Lauer congratulated the Top Five director, writer and star on his film’s upcoming release, Rock responded, “Today show, you guys are doing good! You got Ray Rice’s wife on, man — you’ll show Good Morning America! We got the wife on!” Lauer then laughed off the comments, saying, “We should’ve gone to commercial about 30 seconds ago — too late, my bad!”

Rock then continued. “We’ll show you, Robin Roberts! Matt Lauer’s gonna get sick next — watch!” in reference to the GMA anchor’s onscreen battle with breast cancer last year. Meanwhile, Lauer put his hand over his face and shook his head.

The comedian also noted that his Top Five character is an “amalgamation of a bunch of comedians,” including himself, Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy, that he sometimes feels pressure to be funny in all situations including meetings and funerals. He added, “I love being famous — it’s almost like being white!”

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LaBeouf Collaborators Comment On Alleged Rape

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shia-labeouf-articleArtists Luke Turner and Nastja Sade Ronkko tweet to confirm they intervened to stop the assault during the #IAMSORRY show earlier this year

The artists who collaborated with Shia LaBeouf on the performance art project during which the actor alleged he was raped, have taken to Twitter to clarify what happened.

British artist Luke Turner, who worked with Finnish artist Nastja Sade Ronkko on the #IAMSORRY project with LaBeouf, tweeted on Sunday that they never “stated that people could do whatever they wanted to Shia.” Turner then tweeted that they had intervened as soon as he and Ronkko had become aware of the incident they had “put a stop to it and ensured that the woman left.”

In an email interview with Dazed magazine, LaBeouf wrote that a woman who had come to see his performance at a Beverly Boulevard gallery had “whipped” his legs for 10 minutes, “and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me.”

For the #IAMSORRY show, LaBeouf spent a week living inside the gallery where he sat at a wooden table wearing an “I am not famous anymore” paper bag over his head. Visitors were allowed to select from a number of “implements,” including a whip, and were able to have one-on-one interactions with him.

The incident and LaBeouf’s revelation of it has proved incredibly controversial with many believing that the Fury actor was overstating what had happened or had made it up for publicity purposes. One of the most vocal critics of LaBeouf has been Piers Morgan who tweeted “I’ve no problem with Shia LaBeouf doing dumb things in the name of art. I have a big problem with him crying fake rape to promote himself.”

Morgan challenged Turner on Twitter with the question of why he let LaBeouf’s “‘rapist’ just walk away.” Turner responded by stating that it wasn’t clear initially what had happened and that the woman had “ran out, rather than simply walk away” and beyond that it wasn’t his place to comment.

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Amanda Bynes’ Parents Tracking Her

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Amanda Bynes’ parents have found a new tool in their quest to help their troubled daughter — Uber! The released mental patient has been hard to keep track of in recent weeks, but RadarOnline.com has learned that her parents are now tracing her movements via GPS after setting her up with an account for the car service.

“Amanda’s mom, Lynn, set up the Uber car service on her daughter’s cell phone,” an insider told Radar. “Uber can take Amanda anywhere she needs to go and it’s paid for out of Amanda’s estate, since her mom has conservatorship.”

“This allows Amanda to have independence,” the source said. “But at the same time her parents can track where she goes.”

Bynes has been living at a hotel in Glendale, California, even though she is still under a conservatorship.

Meanwhile, the insider added, “Amanda’s parents are getting ready to move back to Texas. They had only come out to California after Amanda started exhibiting serious problems and they feel they’ve done all they can.”

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