Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

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sdThe ceremony will be hosted by ‘Silicon Valley’ star Josh Brener.

Garrett Brown, the inventor of the widely used Steadicam camera stabilization system, will receive the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award during the Television Academy’s 67th Engineering Emmy Awards. The ceremony will be held Oct. 28 at Loews Hollywood Hotel, and Josh Brener of HBO’s Silicon Valley will serve as the host.

Also during the evening, the Philo T. Farnsworth Award will be presented to broadcast equipment manufacturer Grass Valley for its impact on television technology and engineering.

Recipients of Engineering Emmys are Mark Franken for EdiCue; Michael Sechrest, Chris King and Greg Croft for SpeedTree; and Zhou Wang, Alan Bovik, Hamid Sheikh and Eero Simoncelli for the structural similarity video-quality measurement algorithm.

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Meryl Streep Is A Humanist, Not A Feminist

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Meryl-StreepMeryl Streep will play Emmeline Pankhurst in “Suffragette,” an upcoming film about the British women’s suffrage movement. But unfortunately, concerns over women’s equality are not a relic of a bygone era.

In an interview with Time Out about the film, Streep opened up about solving sexism in the entertainment industry today.

“Men should look at the world as if something is wrong when their voices predominate,” she said. “They should feel it.”

“People at agencies and studios, including the parent boards, might look around the table at the decision-making level and feel something is wrong if half their participants are not women,” she continued. “Because our tastes are different, what we value is different. Not better, different.’

Streep’s comments come at a time that many women in Hollywood are speaking out against the unequal conditions they face. Last week, Liv Tyler told More that she’s beginning to feel the effects of ageism in her career.

“When you’re in your teens or 20s, there is an abundance of ingénue parts which are exciting to play,” she said. “But at [my age], you’re usually the wife or the girlfriend, a sort of second-class citizen.”

Though almost every single thing Streep said in her Time Out interview was feminist by most measures, Streep surprisingly doesn’t identify with the word: “I am a humanist, I am for nice easy balance.” (Which feminists are, too.) Regardless of Streep’s personal characterization, the lesson she says suffragettes could teach us is an empowering notion for women:

“Don’t give up or give in in the face of patronizing ridicule, amused disdain or being ignored.”

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Green Asks Fox For Spousal Support

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megan-fox-brian-austin-greenMegan Fox will have to come out-of-pocket to support her soon-to-be ex-husband, Brian Austin Green.

The 42-year-old actor officially filed papers requesting spousal support from Fox, 29, TMZ discovered.

As previously reported, the former couple were involved in a car wreck in December 2014.

The collision left Fox unscathed while Green now suffers from a bad case of vertigo rendering him unable to work.

As the site reports, Fox and Green appear to be making their split work for them. They’re still living together while taking care of their two boys Noah and Bodhi.

The “Transformer” actress pulled the trigger on their five-year marriage in August and listed June 15 as their official date of separation.

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Whoopi Goldberg ‘Out Of Control’ Backstage At ‘The View’

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wgWhoopi Goldberg isn’t messing around anymore! Apparently frustrated with the new executives for ABC’s The View after they cut her out of decision-making for Hot Topics, the show’s moderator spun into a frenzy, calling herself a slave to the network.

One show source told the Daily Mail: “She was out of control. She paraded up and down the halls saying, ‘I’s a work for ABC who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC. It’s 12 Years a Whoopi at ABC.’”

According to the Mail, after comparing herself to the Oscar-winning film, 12 Years A Slave, Whoopi reportedly shouted, “I’s just a n****r following orders around here, master!”

The 59-year-old’s abrupt outburst shocked View staffers, who attempted to calm her down with little success.

Whoopi’s declaration comes as a result of her relationship with newcomer Candi Carter, who was hired on to the hit-show following the departure of executive producer Bill Wolff.

Insiders also told the Mail that show hosts Joy Behar, Raven-Symone, Michelle Collins and Paula Farris found Carter controlling, but it was Whoopi who had the gall to speak her mind.

“She told Candi: ‘I don’t take orders from your a**. Stay in your lane like you did when you worked on The Oprah Winfrey Show,’” the source adds.

But as Radar previously reported, Whoopi has been a longtime diva on set, prompting execs to allegedly set their sites on getting rid of the veteran host.

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Ringo Starr Should Be Given A Knighthood

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Music legend Ringo Starr should be awarded a knighthood, says Labour’s culture spokesman.

All the Beatles were appointed MBEs in 1965 and Paul McCartney was made a Sir in 1997 but not drummer Ringo.

Shadow Culture Secretary Michael Dugher said the Beatles’ drummer had waited far too long and should finally get a top honour.

Sir Paul McCartney was tapped on the shoulder by the Queen for his honour in 1997.

But Ringo, who is the only other surviving Beatle, just has the MBE he received in 1965 to show for his hugely successful career

Mr Dugher said: “The Beatles changed the course of popular music forever and they continue to bring massive benefits to the UK in terms of trade and tourism.”

“Ringo’s unique drumming was intrinsic to the music of the Beatles – just listen to A Day in the Life or Strawberry Fields Forever – and his charisma and personal charm was an intrinsic part of their act as entertainers.

“Ringo is a legend and has made a massive contribution to our country. It’s been over 50 years since he got his MBE.

“At the age of 75, it’s time for Ringo to get a knighthood for services to music. No other country in the world would take so long to properly honour one of its music legends.”

Ringo, who was born Richard Starkey, gained worldwide fame as part of the band, but continued to have huge commercial success following the Beatles’ break-up in 1970.

In 2011, Sir Paul was asked why Ringo had not been knighted yet.

He replied: “Yeah, well don’t look at me.”

Asked whether he could make a request on behalf of his former bandmate to the Queen, he said: “The last time I went by she was out.

“Otherwise, I would have popped in and said: ‘Look love, Sir Richard Starkey’. Because I do think it’s about time, but she was probably a bit busy with Sir Brucie.”

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Don Henley Brings Back Traditional Country On New Solo Album

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dhOn his first solo album in 15 years, Don Henley extends the polished, soulful take on country music initially heard on the Eagles hits “Best of My Love” and “Wasted Time.” To his credit, he doesn’t attempt to out-posture, or out-rock, contemporary country artists such as Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. Instead, he creates the kind of country music that fans of the Eagles, and of traditional country music, can embrace.

Steel guitar rates as the album’s most prominent instrument, and fiddles and mandolins surface nearly as frequently. The old-school instruments fit Henley’s songs: Stripped to an elegant simplicity, the arrangements match Henley’s attitude, which wavers between wistful and hopeful, fighting off a jaded view on such stone-country tunes as “The Cost of Living,” a duet with Merle Haggard.

Henley invites plenty of guests to “Cass Country”: Mick Jagger and Miranda Lambert take verses on the old-fashioned original “Bramble Rose”; Martina McBride proves to be a passionate duet partner on “That Old Flame”; and Dolly Parton harmonizes with heart-tugging emotion on the Louvin Brothers’ “When I Stop Dreaming.”

Generous at 16 tracks, and consistent in how he connects his world-weary originals with well-chosen covers, Henley proves that this longtime rock star originally from small-town Texas can go home again.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Talks, Trying To Find Work After ‘Halloween’

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jjJamie Lee Curtis is one of the most successful actresses working today, but she didn’t get here without facing a few obstacles first.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Jess Cagle, the actress admits that following the release of the classic horror film “Halloween,” she wasn’t getting as much work as she’d hoped for.

When asked about her appearance on the show “The Love Boat,” Curtis provided an explanation as to how she landed the role (which just so happened to be alongside her mother, Janet Leigh).

“Here’s what happened with ‘The Love Boat,'” she said. “‘Halloween’ had come out — big hit. You would think maybe I’d get a job. Nothing. Nothing. Here’s what I got after ‘Halloween:’ ‘Love Boat’ with my mother. Playing my mother’s daughter, where I wear pigtails and a bathing suit on an episode of ‘Love Boat.'”

She goes on to say, “That’s why John Carpenter wrote ‘The Fog,’ and gave me that part. He was like, ‘I don’t get it. Why aren’t people hiring you?'”

Now, Curtis said, “it’s all good.” Since appearing in “The Fog,” the actress starred in plenty of other films, including “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Curtis couldn’t help but gush about the former California governor, calling him a “great guy.”

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Matt Damon Says His Comments Were Mischaracterized Online

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mmAnyone who kept up with Matt Damon’s public shaming  should have anticipated the inevitable apology that would follow. And here it is.

While filming an “Ellen” interview that will air Tuesday, Damon clarified his remarks on gay actors, which were met with controversy.

“I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery. Right?” he told Ellen DeGeneres. “And somebody picked it up and said I said gay actors should get back in the closet. Which is, like, I mean, it’s stupid, but it is painful when things get said that you don’t believe. You know what I mean? And then it gets represented that that’s what you believe. Because in the blogosphere, there’s no penalty for just taking the ball and running with it.”

Damon’s defense comes in response to a Guardian interview published on Sunday in which the actor commented on gay rumors surrounding him and Ben Affleck when they first became famous for writing “Good Will Hunting.”

“I think it must be really hard for actors to be out publicly,” he said. “But in terms of actors, I think you’re a better actor the less people know about you, period. And sexuality is a huge part of that. Whether you’re straight or gay, people shouldn’t know anything about your sexuality because that’s one of the mysteries that you should be able to play.”

The Internet lit up, pointing out the inherent privilege that Damon boasts as a heterosexual actor who frequently discusses his wife and kids in interviews. Some headlines took it a step further by asserting that Damon implied gay actors should stay in the closet. DeGeneres defended him on her show, saying,“I know you and I know you’re not that guy.”

But Damon was an easy target by the time his comments began to circulate on Monday. A little over a week ago, he was apologizing for remarks he made on his and Affleck’s recently revived HBO show, “Project Greenlight,” in which an aspiring filmmaker is shepherded through the process of making a feature. During a discussion with an African-American female producer who suggested that “Greenlight” could benefit from more diverse talent working behind the scenes, Damon said, “When we’re talking about diversity, you do it in the casting of the film, not in the casting of the show.”

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Sigourney Weaver Joins ‘Ghostbusters’

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Sigourney-WeaverSigourney Weaver will appear in Paul Feig’s upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot, and it’s vital you keep your head from exploding.

Feig broke the news on his Twitter account , where, besides creating a high-risk environment for fans’ brains bursting out with excitement, he subtweeted everyone leaking information about actors from the original “Ghostbusters” signing on to his film.

Paul Feig @paulfeig

Gang, trying to keep surprises but this is about to leak, so I’ll tell you myself: the awesome Sigourney Weaver is going to be in our movie!

11:17 AM – 25 Sep 2015

In the original film, Weaver played Dana, the Ghostbusters customer who, you know, has that whole thing with Zuul. Everyone keep your hands on your necks!

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Who’s next…Rick Moranis?

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Kaley Cuoco Divorcing Ryan Sweeting

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kaley-cuoco-sweeting-ryan-sweetingKaley Cuoco-Sweeting and husband Ryan Sweeting have decided to divorce after nearly two years of marriage, E! News reported Friday.

A rep for Cuoco told E! News, “Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have mutually decided to end their marriage. They ask for privacy at this time. No further statement will be issued regarding this matter.”

The star from “Big Band Theory” and tennis player wed on Dec. 31, 2013.

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