Joanna Krupa Calls Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber “A Hero”; Attacks Kardashian Sisters Fur Sales

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Model Joanna Krupa has waded into the Kim Kardashian fur fuss, insisting she has proof the socialite’s clothing store sells pelts.

Kardashian was bombed with flour at a charity event in Hollywood last week over her reluctance to give up fur and earlier this week, her sister Khloe quit as a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) anti-fur spokeswoman over the attack.

But activist Krupa insists Kim deserved worse than flour bombing and suggests Khloe stepped down because she’s too embarrassed to fight fur wearers when her sister is one.

The outspoken model tells she has proof that the Kardashians are selling fur at their Calabasas, California store Dash.

She says, “They told PETA multiple times they don’t sell fur at Dash… and we caught them cold-handedly at their Calabasas store.”

Krupa claims a fellow activist purchased a rabbit fur vest for $297.98 at the store – and she has the receipt to prove it.

She is now planning a protest in early April, and wants to present the Kardashians with a 140,000-strong petition in an attempt to force the sisters to stop selling fur at their boutique.

And she adds, “I believe the reason Khloe quit working with PETA is because she was getting so much heat, being a hypocrite – posing for the anti-fur campaign, and then selling fur in her Dash stores.”

Asked about the flour-bombing attack on sister Kim, Krupa adds, “She got away easy with just flour. The attacker is a hero.

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Councilor Doug Ford Steps In It Again

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How funny is it when a lowly city councilor steps in it, time and time again. City councilor Doug Ford has done just that. He and his brother Mayor Rob participate in a radio program on a local station in the City of Toronto on Sunday’s. Doug believes because his brother is Mayor, he can say and do whatever he wants and does so on many occasions…comical really. Councilor Josh Matlow was the former Host of the Sunday radio program which the Moroon brothers Doug and Rob take part in now. Matlow has recently accused Mayor Rob with violating council’s code of conduct. His claim stems from while on the air, Mayor Ford invited those wishing to run a pro-Ford slate in 2014 to call his office. The problem in Matlow’s mind, the Office of the Mayor is funded by taxpayers and therefore a violation. Whether his claim is valid is up to the council to decide, Councilor Ford’s response however is what is so funny. He said, “Josh Matlow is ticked off because we took his radio station.” Just like the way Coun. Ford and Mayor Rob are misguided in their belief they own the City, they don’t own the radio station. The brothers participate in a weekly radio program and like their positions in government, they can be replaced, hopefully come the next election, they will be.

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‘Modern Family’ Cast Seeks Huge Raises As Contract Renegotiation Begins (Exclusive)

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The ensemble cast makes about $65,000 an episode, but a source says they will ask for $200,000 for season four. Series patriarch Ed O’Neill earns more.

Hollywood is gearing up for what could be one of the toughest — and highest-stakes — TV contract renegotiations in years.

With third-season production on ABC’s top-rated and Emmy-winning comedy Modern Family ending in early March, representatives for the series’ six adult castmembers have begun formulating a plan to negotiate significantly higher salaries with producer 20th Television, according to multiple sources.

Castmembers Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara were paid in the $65,000-an-episode range for the 22-episode third season, according to sources, a fee that was bumped up from the first two seasons last summer. (Stonestreet was making merely $20,000 an episode or so for the first season, when he won an Emmy, one of 11 wins for the series.) Ed O’Neill, who came to Modern Family after success on Married … With Children and other series, makes in the $105,000 range an episode, plus a small backend he receives for agreeing to cut his quote to join the series in 2009. (O’Neill was considered the “get” when Modern Family was casting, taking on the patriarch role when Craig T. Nelson passed.)    

Now the series is heading into its all-important fourth season, when casts often renegotiate their contracts, scoring big paydays in exchange for agreeing to extend original seven-year deals by an additional year or two so the studio can generate bigger syndication revenue. One source suggested the cast could ask for a jump to the $200,000-an-episode range for season four, which would be on par with the three stars of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory when they re-upped after their show’s third season in 2010. Reps will seek additional boosts of $50,000 to $100,000 for subsequent seasons, but 20th is likely to resist opening the vault for a cast with twice as many leads as the Big Bang trio.

“It’s going to get ugly,” says a source close to the dealmaking.

To be sure, the show is a profit center for its studio and network. Modern Family reinvigorated a comedy genre many had left for dead. The show regularly draws 13.7 million viewers, up 12 percent from a year earlier, and a 5.9 rating among the coveted 18-to-49 viewers, according to Nielsen. In 2011, Modern Family generated $164 million in ad revenue for ABC, up 40 percent year-over-year, according to Kantar Media.

Still more impressive: The show has become TV’s No. 1 scripted series among younger viewers and is the highest-rated comedy since Friends and Will & Grace. Since its 2009 launch, Modern Family has formed the basis for a Wednesday comedy block, helping to seed other ABC comedies from Happy Endings to the upcoming Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.

Following Modern Family’s breakout first season in 2010, 20th inked a rich syndication deal with USA Network — its first major sitcom acquisition — for a license fee close to $1.5 million an episode, according to sources. The eye-popping sum was roughly on par with a deal struck by TBS and Warner Bros. for Big Bang repeats. Modern Family is poised to bring in millions more from broadcast stations when the series rolls out in syndication in 2013, and foreign revenue is said to be especially robust.

20th won’t be alone in the negotiations with the cast. ABC will be involved because its licensing arrangement with the studio provides that the network fund production of later seasons of the show. That means that any substantial salary increases agreed to by 20th eventually would be paid for by the network toward the end of the series run.

The question now is whether the Modern Family cast will negotiate together, much as the stars of Friends famously did. (Each jumped to $100,000 after the second season and later scored $1 million an episode plus backend for the final season on NBC.)

O’Neill so far has declined to join his co-stars, though a source says strategy talks among the representatives are just beginning and negotiations likely will stretch into the summer. One option on the table is to demand commensurate percentage increases, which would benefit O’Neill proportionally and allow the cast to present a united front (similar to their Emmy strategy of submitting each adult actor in the supporting category). 

Reps for 20th and the actors declined comment, but the prospect of a big-ticket renegotiation amid generally declining TV salaries is welcome news to the talent community.

“There are always going to be those exceptions, and Modern Family is an exception,” says Gersh senior managing partner Leslie Siebert, who was integral in renegotiating on Friends and Will & Grace, whose four leads successfully banded together. “If it were me, I would make sure all of the adults stick together and go in for a whopping upfront salary and whopping participation. That backend participation is the clincher because that [means money for] the rest of your life.”

From the Hollywood Reporter: by Lacey Rose, Matthew Belloni

Bringing some Magic to the Dodgers

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It has been reported that Magic Johnson, pending approval by the federal bankruptcy court, is part of a group which is purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers. After what seemed like an endless fight, Frank McCourt is out and with a TWO BILLION dollar deal in place, the Dodgers are sold. With Johnson as part of the group that would mean he is part owner and faint sounds of Magic, Magic were probably heard throughout the streets of LA last night.

 Magic Johnson and Frank McCourt announced the purchase deal late Tuesday night that should transfer ownership of the team to an investment group led by the former NBA great by the end of April.
The $2 billion price is a huge amount and a record for the sale of any American sports franchise. With some of that coin, Frank has the option of purchasing land around Dodger Stadium – parking lots, for approximately $150 million. If Dodger fans had issues with McCourt in the past, wait till they have to park their cars, you think Hotdogs are expensive……

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‘Neighborhood Watch’: Trayvon Martin Death Forces Fox To Adjust Marketing Campaign

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For 20th Century Fox, the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy “Neighborhood Watch” just got a bit more serious. Following the tragic death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, the studio has pulled posters for the film and the teaser trailer from Florida theaters, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The teaser poster will get replaced nationwide with a new poster in the coming weeks.

“We are very sensitive to the Trayvon Martin case, but our film is a broad alien-invasion comedy and bears absolutely no relation to the tragic events in Florida,” a Fox spokesperson told THR.

Starring Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, “Neighborhood Watch” follows a bunch of suburban men who form the titular watchdog group and stumble onto an alien invasion. Fox was careful to hide that twist in the initial teaser trailer, which showed the film’s four co-stars cruising down a neighborhood street while Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.” blared on the soundtrack.

For now, Fox is still planning on the July 27 release date for “Neighborhood Watch,” but at least one person wonders whether that will stick.

“The studio says it’s sticking for the time being to the July 27th release date, hoping that Martin and the whole situation will be forgotten in four months,” wrote Forbes contributor Roger Friedman. “It’s a $100 million gamble. My guess is ‘Neighborhood Watch’ will get moved to the fall, or next January.”

Martin was shot and killed on Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense.

The Huffington Post  |  By Christopher Rosen

The TTC – Toronto Transit Commission: Not the “Better Way”

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The Toronto Transit Commission or The TTC has an on-line survey which they have encouraged riders to participate in. Do they really want to know how we feel? Do they care what the users of their system feel about the services or lack thereof? Examples of what is asked are: How often do you use it – Your start – end location – How many travelled – How long did you wait for a train – Did you see the Television screen – Did it keep your attention – How old you are – Gender- Education – Income. Are they kidding? Perhaps they should have asked: Was it clean – Was it on-time – Was it worth the money – Was the attendant to take your money actually there – Was the attendant courteous……. They have also become part of Twitter with @TTCnotices and @TTCupdate where the provide information to those who care to check Twitter for their travel plans or would like to comment.

A former TTC Chair recently said, “If we can hook people on transit at an early age, we’re going to have them on transit for the rest of their lives.” This is the kind of arrogance that has plagued the TTC for a long time. They will have “us” hooked? People use the Transit system because it is their only way to get to their job or particular destination. Know this, for most people, if they had an alternative, they would take it. The TTC was once known as the “better way”, sorry folks, that train has passed, it’s the ONLY way. The TTC is over priced with more redundancies than the Federal Government. It has just been reported; more than 1150 TTC employees make over $100,000.00. Of those 1150, 219 of these employees had a base salary of under $100,000.00 but with overtime, that high benchmark was achieved. A portion of these particular employees were vehicle operators (bus drivers, street car operators, subway drivers) and station collectors (men or women who sit for 8 hrs watching you drop your increased fare in the box, answer a question or 2, read their book or newspaper and occasionally sleep). This is what the yearly increases in fare rates go to paying. I didn’t realize sitting in a booth on a comfy chair giving change and pointing to a map as an answer was such a high skilled job worthy of 100K. I am sure many patrons with doctorates who pass by that booth each morning wish they had passed on graduate school and applied for a job a the TTC instead. Now because of the fight over Subway vs. LRT between the Moroon Mayor and the City, real issues will be put aside while the suffering continues for those who really have to use the system.

Perhaps the “powers” should address and actually fix some of the areas which riders of the system have really spoken out about.

– rude
– un-helpful
– sitting in limbo areas of terminals while patrons stand cold by the pick-up area
– leave while people are waving furiously at them
– talk on cell phones while driving
Ticket, payment takers in station:
– don’t care or pay attention to see if you’ve paid
– give incorrect change
– rude
– un-helpful
– sometimes absent or reading the paper totally unaware of your presence
– 3-4 in the booth

Constables: “wanabee police”
– extremely aggressive
– glorified security guards
– act as if they are actual police officers

– adding more buses on extremely busy routes
– increasing train service – picking up the pace

The TTC is making some strides, they have cleaned up some washrooms and provided the patrons with 2 new trains which if the timing is right you may have the opportunity to ride, besides that, all we have is the threat of another fare increase, a flawed system and an executive without the guts to actually do what is really needed.

Written by The Griper – E.Cowan

Madonna, the Publicity Girl

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Madonna’s new album MDNA is in stores now but the usual Madonna controversy is in full force. Our “material” girl is at it again. She is denying she made a veiled reference to the illegal drug MDMA (Ecstasy) during her appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival over the weekend, when she asked the concertgoers, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?”  Molly, being a slang word for the Drug, Ecstacy. During a special promotional Twitter chat Monday to promote her new album MDNA (which is another possible reference to the Drug) a well know DJ named Deadmau5 Tweeted, “You’re a role model to 100’s of millions. You have a powerful voice, [Electronic Dance Music] could use your positive influence, not ‘molly’ talk.” Madonna’s response was posting a picture of herself from 1989 wearing Minnie Mouse ears wand  and wrote: “From one mouse to another. I don’t support drug use and I never have”. She followed that up with, “I was referring to the song called ‘Have You Seen Molly’ written by my friend Cedric Gervais who I almost worked with on my last album …”

My belief is, although many were very upset that she would seemingly promote the use of such a drug to her fans, Madonna does not and has not done anything without thinking it through first. She has always been extremely calculated in her endeavors. Madonna is very shrewd; she always has attempted to create a huge buzz to maximize exposure, regardless of the subject matter. The end result for her is always to achieve as much publicity as possible, where in this case would mean CD sales. There are many examples of this media manipulation, whether it is a video of her suggestively acting out with a black priest, a very suggestive photographic book entitled “Sex” or now referencing a Drug associated with the youthful crowd she’s trying to sell her CD too. Make no mistake, Madonna is no fool, the people who do look foolish however, are the ones who believe this wasn’t a very “Madonna like” publicity stunt. 

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Bobby Brown Arrested

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Bobby Brown has been arrested because of suspicion of driving under the influence. He was pulled over for allegedly talking on his cell phone however, the police apparently suspected some kind of substance abuse. Bobby is now in a Van Nuys jail where I’d imagine he’s saying something like, “come on guys, it’s not crack, as my late ex-wife would say, crack is whack.” I am sure many are saying the death of Whitney has something to do with this latest situation. Bobby has a DUI on his record from past problems.

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Jimmy Kimmel to Host the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards

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Jimmy Kimmel has been announced as the Host of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards which will air September 23, 2012. Jimmy will host the same festivities that honored him with an award for Best Game Show Host for his duties on the Win Ben Stein’s Money program. The 44-year-old ABC late-night talk show host will succeed Glee’s Jane Lynch who presided over the event last year.

Previously Jimmy hosted both the American Music Awards and the ESPY Awards, famed Director/producer Don Mischer will be the Executive Producer of the program for his 12th time.

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Simon Cowell’s House Broken Into

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Simon Cowell was watching Television at his home Saturday night when he heard what sounded like a brick being thrown through his window. He immediately called Police and fortunately they got there before anything awful happened. Apparently the woman suspect was a huge fan of Simons. It’s amazing that there wasn’t some kind of security force or pre-alarm signal surrounding Simon’s house considering his wealth and popularity. One can only think of what happened to George Harrison many years ago where he fought off an intruder and how that altercation almost took his life. Simon felt quite “terrified” and felt the incident was “like something from a horror film.”

 Considering Simon’s on camera and producing credits which include the hugely popular Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, it’s no wonder a crazy would make an attempt to meet him. Hopefully he steps up his security. Maybe the perpetrator just wanted to discuss the judging decision he is making in regards to the X Factor. Perhaps she wanted to discuss the possible Britney Spears hiring and felt 15mil for a performer who lip-syncs while performing in her own show isn’t the right person to mentor a Singer and also not worthy of that kind of money. I also wonder what Simon was watching maybe –  “The Voice,” it is a major competition to him now, on both sides of the pond.  

 Written by The Griper – E. Cowan

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