Sofia Vergara SNL – No Coke, Pepsi?

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Never say never, Sofia Vergara! The Modern Family hotness will be hosting Saturday Night Live on April 7, which she says is hard to imagine. “I’m very happy, very excited because I never thought I was going to be part of that TV show,” she told Access Hollywood. “I think it’s an American tradition,” she added. “It’s a TV show that the whole world knows, so for me, it’s an honor to be part of that group of actors that are known for their excellence.”If she’s half as funny on SNL as the recent video of her “real accent,” then we’re setting our DVRs right now! Another reason to tune in? That night’s musical guest will be the hottest music act in the world right now — One Direction!

Written by Wes Ferguson

Russell Brand vs The Phone

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By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

Russell Brand turned himself in to the New Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office on Thursday afternoon and has the mug shot.

Brand, 36, had an arrest warrant issued late Wednesday night after the Get Him To The Greek star snagged a paparazzo’s iPhone and threw it through the window of a downtown law firm building on Monday.

Brand was booked in the Big Easy at 3:12 p.m. on a misdemeanor charge of Simple Criminal Damage to Property.

“Russell’s bail amount hasn’t been set yet,” the Public Information Officer at the Sheriff’s office told

According to the booking sheet, Brand received parole at 3:38 p.m. but is still in custody at time of publication.

After Brand’s iPhone chucking incident made headlines the British funnyman took to Twitter earlier this week saying, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”

Lindsay – A Driver perhaps?

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Only 2 weeks to go before the probation ends and our girl Lindsay Lohan just couldn’t stay out of alleged trouble. She has been accused of clipping a man’s knee with her Porsche while leaving a club and although the man in question originally claimed to be okay, once he realized who she was felt a twinge and now a police report and a potential legal encounter is in the works. Lindsay of course is denying any wrong doing. “This is all a complete lie. I’ve been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn’t even get to do because I was freaked out by all the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd”.
Poor Lindsay, when will she and others in her place realize, hiring a driver could save them a lot of grief.

Jack – We need you

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Well, it seems the powers that be at Fox and Kiefer Sutherland are in a disagreement on money for the proposed 24 movie. Fox wants to spend no more than $30 million and Kiefer and partners are looking at a budget of around $55 million. There is also the paltry sum of $1 million for Kiefer plus a piece that has him a little upset. Kiefer obviously isn’t too pleased about this and if he is anything like our man Jack, hell convince the money people to cough up some more. Let’s hope he does because the world and our movie screens need Jack BACK!

The Celeb Fantasy

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Isn’t it hilarious when the Celebs talk about fitness, nutrition and beauty as if they are the experts? The experts are their “people”, the people who they pay an enormous amount to constantly make them look, unlike they really are. Nicole Kidman for example, who most would say is a natural beauty had and may still have 2 people on call 24/7 to manage her make-up, hair and wardrobe. These 2 would travel the world with her to insure that she did not leave her room without looking a certain way. Oprah Winfrey is probably the most famous of all to misrepresent her looks to the masses. Although Oprah does allow photos and video of her not looking her best she also creates the most unrealistic photo of herself for the cover of her magazine. If there is not a more blatant PhotoShop enhanced photo on a cover of a magazine, well, I have not seen it. Rhianna recently had herself photographed with her breasts exposed through a mesh outfit. At first she spoke of not caring, ”its natural, it’s my way”….now she claims it was due to the lights which made her mesh blouse see-through. Really, mesh becomes see-through when light shines on it? Celebs male or female being photographed as they really are is a fantastic thing. At least for that one second in time they are shown as they really are while exposing to the world that not only is their business a fantasy, so to is their image.

It’s just my Dog

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Jann Arden

was removed from a VIA train recently while traveling to the City of Oshawa to perform a Show because she had her dog with her which is something that is not permitted on VIA trains. The singer was quite upset with the officials because she felt they left her in the “middle of nowhere” and suggested that they “eat her bra”. Oshawa just outside Toronto is not the biggest City in the world however, it is big enough that she felt it was worthy of one of her performances, eating her bra might not have been an option for the officials however, using it for a food and water bowl in the future might be. I think the real issue here is why she brought her dog with her in the first place. Was it so necessary to bring her dog along for the performance – what does the dog play, Bass, Sing backup? If constant travel and commitments keep you or draw you away from home on a regular basis, perhaps not having a pet would make your life a little easier or at the very least, not strand you in “the middle of nowhere”.

Respecting the Technician

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Is it just me or is the whole thing out of whack? What ever happened to the Professional Television Production Technician? There once was a time in the Broadcasting Industry where you performed a task you were paid your rate or the Union rate for the job. Yes things have changed….I get it, however, what is going on now is just bizarre. It’s bad enough that instead of being asked your rate you’re being told what (little) they are willing to pay and for how many days they will gladly pay this amount. Lets not get into the area of working for free to enhance your resume while the “powers” are making sure they get their cut. There is also the multi function request–what’s going on here? People today are advertising to fill the SINGLE position of director, writer, camera operator (with knowledge of sound), lighting, and editor. Single position – really, what professional does all this other than a very green gung-ho person trying to get his or her project off the ground. Did I mention this candidate must also have all his or her specific gear as well? For this, the rate is about 2/3 of what was once paid for a single function with NO included equipment. Maybe this opinion is a bit “old school” but what kind of “professional” is being sought? I realize new technology and multitasking is the new norm, but sometimes the old way should still be considered the right way.

Lotteries – Where does the Money go??

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are a huge source of income, but where are the millions if not billions of dollars going and into whose pockets? It would be quite interesting to be informed of the exact totals. Think of all the lotteries that are available which include daily, weekly draws, not to mention the various games that can be played. The amounts must be staggering. Why then do the citizens have to deal with increases in transportation costs, congested roads, decaying buildings, homeless wondering the streets or huge wait times in hospitals? Government is always saying there is no money. Really? If lotteries are such a huge source of funds, why can’t they create source specific lottery opportunities? Create a lottery game where all the funds, minus “costs” go to that specific need. Healthcare, Transportation, Roads, Infrastructure, and Education are just a few of Lottery specific potential end users of these millions of dollars. Think of the Education sector, walk through a random High School in any city and you will realize how useful this suggestion would be. Who doesn’t enjoy walking through the halls of their former school, remembering what went on in those halls and classrooms. What’s disturbing however is seeing the dent you put into that locker 20+ years ago still there or the broken walls, faded chalk boards, cracked ceilings as well as the boarded up rooms. Don’t you think an Education lottery would generate more than enough money to not only pay to fix these problems but also pay for Teachers, school supplies, equipment, special needs, sports, music, art and pools? It seems quite logical but yet there has never been a suggestion to do so. With all this money going into the Governments pocket, why don’t “we the people” ever seem to feel we have received and benefit – increases in Taxes anyone? Transportation issues including subways, buses, and light rail are always in the forefront of a politician’s mantra of “we have no money” rants. Isn’t there another solution besides raising the fares for those who still can’t afford the previous one?  We are always told there isn’t enough, although millions if not billions are readily available for those in need in other countries the second an unfortunate disaster strikes. It is time the lottery corporation thought outside the box, or at least increase the odds of actually winning so we can perhaps in our own little way benefit, rather than constantly feel we are solely paying the price.

Sample the Market

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Nothing better to do on the eve of daylight savings then to go to the Market and pretend it’s Spring and enjoy some food. You almost forget from all the yelling of specials, the mixed aromas and the exorbitant amount of people, that there is a huge amount of food to choose from. Everything looks so fresh and appetizing it’s almost impossible to decide what to buy first. Is it the huge chicken breasts, the incredible fruit or the fresh bread? Personally, I go for the mixed bulk kiosk with the rude lady owner and the great peanuts. Why, because while she is being rude to the person I am with, I can sample some other items which just happen to be in my reach. Speaking of samples, this is the one area which can be greatly improved upon. Considering what we have to put up with, having a nice assortment of sampled food to fill up on while we are there would be the bonus needed to come back there every weekend.

Canada’s Walk of Fame – Worthy or Not

Having a Canadian Walk of Fame is a wonderful thing, however, is it not time to honour those who actually deserve the recognition? I am not saying all who have been inducted do not deserve the honour, I am saying there are definitely some, who do not. When will the Walk of Fame committee start acknowledging Canadians whose body of work make them deserving of being honoured? Is the purpose to create ratings for a Television show and buzz for a Red-Carpet event or honouring Canadians for their contribution to their craft? Lets take, for sake of argument, these inductee’s, Farley Mowat, David Clayton-Thomas and Doug Henning. These three, yes, they are deserving of a Star. Their contributions to their craft are undeniable not only in Canada but throughout the world. Are Sarah Polley, Eric McCormack, Nelly Furtado and Clara Hughes worthy of a Star on Canada’s Walk of Fame? I think not……yet. One could argue Sarah Polley is worthy of this honour, she has been a wonderful actor and director for many years, but to recognize her with a Star now, I do not believe so. This honour should be for a body of work, she is too young for this honour, she has years left to produce works that will make us all and herself proud. Eric McCormack is no way near worthy of this honour. Sure, many loved his character in Will and Grace, an American TV show that was on the air for several years with much success. Isn’t this honour for a body of work throughout a career? With no disrespect, what else has he done to warrant a Star? Nelly Furtado is a successful singer, sold several million albums, where is the body of work throughout a career that warrants her Star? She is too young like Ms Polley to justify this honour. Clara Hughes one can argue is deserving. I will not criticize this choice for the simple reason she achieved greatness in her field and she now is retired. Her body of work speaks for in itself and for that I will not criticize.

Although there are many who have already been recognized that I believe are not worthy, there are many more who have been, to this point, left out. When will the WOF committee start honouring those who helped build the Canadian Entertainment Industry who are either not with us anymore or whose careers are no longer prospering? Billie Mae Richards the beloved voice of Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer, the most successful Christmas program in the history of television was acknowledged throughout the world after her recent passing, yet, she has no “Star” despite her long and successful career. Paul Soles, the voice of Hermey in Rudolph as well as that of Spiderman and many other characters in cartoons that are still loved today not to mention his contribution to “Take 30” and other programs coupled with his numerous roles in Movies and Theatre, is not recognized. Bernard Cowan, the voice of thousands of commercials, television programs, producer/director of hundreds of cartoons, founding member of ACTRA etc. is not recognized. Although the “powers that be” say they will start honouring those pioneers, my question is, when? Recognizing the current so called “stars” is fine, however, it is time the builders of the Industry had their due. The Walk of Fame is not and should not be about ratings for a TV show and a Red-Carpet gathering alone, it should be about all who have contributed to the greatness of our Country. Even the Hockey Hall of Fame has a “Builders” category, it’s time the Walk of Fame had one as well. Just because they are elderly or no longer with us, is no reason for them not to have the honour of being walked upon on King street.

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