Stacy Keibler to join X Factor as Host?

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Insiders claim George Clooney’s girlfriend may be taking over hosting duties of “X Factor”. The New York Post is reporting that the former wrestler and model may be invited to take over the hosting gig previously held by Steve Jones. A source reveals, “Stacy Keibler is also in talks to join the show, but her lack of experience in the music business may make her more appropriate as a host. She looks fantastic and has bags of charisma.” Simon Cowell is keeping quiet about exactly who they are talking with, teasing, “You’ll have to wait and see. I can’t confirm or deny anything right now. The truth is, we are talking to a number of people.” Cowell added, “We are looking at a very famous singer and one very famous actress.” Simon said of possible hosts, “I always wanted a boy and a girl to host the show. And I like hosts who don’t kind of have a hosting background . . . it’s a different kind of dynamic.” Britney Spears allegedly rejected a $10 million offer to do the show, but they are still negotiating with her to fill the empty spots previously occupied by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

 Written by Mony

Kris Jenner – It’s not all about ME?

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Rob Kardashian, one of the Kardashian clan turned 25-years-old on March 17th so what does the Mother of this – all for publicity – family do? She posts a picture of herself supposedly pregnant with him on-line. She states on the post, “Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful, handsome son, Rob!! Rob, you are the best son a mother could ask for and you make me proud every day. I love you so much!!” How sweet, she could not have posted his baby picture or an unflattering joke picture; no it had to be a picture of her, naked and pregnant. What is extremely telling by the picture is the obvious work on several areas of her body that Ms “look at me” has had since this picture was taken. Breasts and face anyone? What is also quite interesting is the timing of such a picture. Didn’t Jessica Simpson just have similar picture gracing a magazine cover just last week and Demi Moore before her? I guess it’s just Mommy Kris in her own quiet way letting us know she is in their league and to create a conversation which completely diverts from the original intent, that being wishing her son a happy birthday. Is she that narcissistic that she would use her son’s birthday to bring attention to herself? As disgusting as that sounds, yes it is. People wonder why the Kardashians are perceived as they are. Except for the “sheep” who worship, follow and envy them, this is a glowing example of the publicity whores they are and the obvious example Mommy sets for the rest of the clan to follow. It’s no wonder Kim, Khloe and the rest of the Moroon family act is if they are a gift to the world and live a life of hypocrisy in front of the camera. It is a sad take on the television production business not to mention the message given to those who wish to pursue the profession. Act like an Idiot as Jon Hamm was recently quoted as saying and you too can find fame and fortune. Hopefully for this particular family, the fall will come, the 15 minutes will end and the Producers like Ryan Seacrest will stop producing the garbage they do with them reaping the rewards. The awards I refer to is money and in the Kardashian world, living all for publicity and money as all that they do. With Kris Kardashian as my inspiration, for my next birthday I am going to ask that my mother make that special day all about her. All I do request however is to leave the pictures in the photo album.

Written by The Griper – E.Cowan

Lady Gaga Wants Kids & No Press

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 Lady Gaga sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey for her OWN channel, where she talked about the prospect of having children and her take on the media.

With regard to having children, she said, “I want kids. I want a soccer team. And I want a husband. Yeah, I do. I’m being superfluous, but I don’t want to have one kid. I want a few. I want to experience that.”

When speaking of how she encourages her creative process, she said, “I have a couple of things that I do. The newest thing that I do? I don’t read a damn thing. No press. No television. If my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about …?’ [Makes phone slamming motion] I don’t want to hear nothing about anything that is going on in relation to music. I shut it all off. Other than this interview, Oprah, I don’t intend to speak to anyone for a very long time.”

She’s still touring, so we’re guessing that she’s not going to start popping out kids anytime soon. Will she hook Taylor Kitsch into giving her these babies that she wants? He’s hot, so we can’t really blame her for that one.

Written by Misty

Rosie – On We Go

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It didn’t take long but Rosie’s show on OWN is no more. Oprah Winfrey’s struggling network has now lost what was supposed to be a very successful program. It seems the plan for television Network dominance isn’t working out  how she and her peeps had hoped or thought. Rosie O’Donnell’s return to Television has ended in less than 1 year.  Surprised – NO. Although Rosie had great success on her daytime talk show in the 90’s, to suggest that she could duplicate it all these years later coupled with her arrogance which was exposed on The View was a huge gamble. I suppose both Oprah and Rosie’s PhotoShopped Ego’s felt it was a no brainer however, the audience obviously said, no. Both Oprah and Rosie had this to say following the announcement. “I thank Rosie from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. She has been an incredible partner, working to deliver the best possible show every single day. As I have learned in the last 15 months, a new network launch is always a challenge and ratings grow over time as you continue to gather an audience. I’m grateful to Rosie and the dedicated Rosie Show team for giving it their all.” “I loved working with Oprah in the amazing city of Chicago. I was welcomed with open arms and will never forget the kindness of all I encountered. It was a great year for me – I wish the show was able to attract more viewers – but it did not. So I am headed back to my home in New York – with gratitude. On we go!”

Yes, on we go, to where, who knows and quite frankly, who cares. Rosie should have spent more time doing what got her in the position she was in – being funny. As what happens to a lot of these people, their causes and beliefs take them over. They feel that whatever is on their minds or concerns they have, should be forced down the throats of their viewers. Rosie’s sexual preference is her right, her desire for equality is just, but do we all need to hear about it everyday – no. I actually tuned into her show recently out of curiosity, and at that particular moment she was conducting an interview with a very prominent Preachers’ gay grandson. Now I must admit it was very interesting but it wasn’t what I was tuning in for. I watched that segment and once the commercial game on, I turned the channel. I imagine part of her programs downfall was due to the fact others like myself tried to check you out from time to time and discovered upon doing so that what they wanted to see wasn’t actually on. What was that – Rosie being the Rosie we did enjoy all those years ago, funny, cute and believabley sincere.

What’s next for Rosie? Perhaps a continuation Internet Webcam war with Donald Trump, where the 2 of them continue their mature feud, where she calls him stupid, and he calls her fat.  

Written by The Griper – E.Cowan

Donald Jr and Eric Trump – Go Hunting

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the Trump boys, Eric and Donald Jr. actually had to live on the other side of the tracks without the silver spoon for an extended period of time? Now you can’t completely begrudge those of privilege because deep down we all wish we had the big bucks at our disposal, but you can criticize the way they conduct themselves. The boys spent some time participating in the American pastime of Hunting down  in Africa and photo evidence was published recently. Photos show the Trump boys posing with their trophy kills, including an elephant – with Don Jr. holding its severed tail – kudu, waterbuck, buffalo and others. I guess they refer to this as Sport. Daddy Donald who says he personally doesn’t believe in hunting, well animal hunting that is. He does hunt for money and power, said: “My sons love hunting. They’re both hunters and they’ve become good at it. I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community.” Oh, OK Donald, that makes it right. Jack Carone speaking on behalf of In Defense of Animals was less supportive.” Would any intelligent person feel moved to murder a magnificent elephant, then further insult and desecrate by hacking off his/her tail as an additional gesture of dominance? Privilege has clearly not bought them the sensitivity or wisdom needed to view the world as anything but their personal playground, including the imagined entitlement to end the lives of sensitive and social animals for mere amusement. This is truly a pitiful testimony to their lack of character and compassion, at the ultimate expense of their innocent fellow Earthlings.”

Now the Trump boys claim that the meat which came from these animals killed by the bullets from their presumed, high-powered rifles will feed the hungry villagers. Nice try boys, spin it all you’d like, you were there to hunt and you were in it for the Kill.

Written by The Griper – E.Cowan


Canada’s Walk of Fame – Worthy or Not

Having a Canadian Walk of Fame is a wonderful thing, however, is it not time to honour those who actually deserve the recognition? I am not saying all who have been inducted do not deserve the honour, I am saying there are definitely some, who do not. When will the Walk of Fame committee start acknowledging Canadians whose body of work make them deserving of being honoured? Is the purpose to create ratings for a Television show and buzz for a Red-Carpet event or honouring Canadians for their contribution to their craft? Lets take, for sake of argument, these inductee’s, Farley Mowat, David Clayton-Thomas and Doug Henning. These three, yes, they are deserving of a Star. Their contributions to their craft are undeniable not only in Canada but throughout the world. Are Sarah Polley, Eric McCormack, Nelly Furtado and Clara Hughes worthy of a Star on Canada’s Walk of Fame? I think not……yet. One could argue Sarah Polley is worthy of this honour, she has been a wonderful actor and director for many years, but to recognize her with a Star now, I do not believe so. This honour should be for a body of work, she is too young for this honour, she has years left to produce works that will make us all and herself proud. Eric McCormack is no way near worthy of this honour. Sure, many loved his character in Will and Grace, an American TV show that was on the air for several years with much success. Isn’t this honour for a body of work throughout a career? With no disrespect, what else has he done to warrant a Star? Nelly Furtado is a successful singer, sold several million albums, where is the body of work throughout a career that warrants her Star? She is too young like Ms Polley to justify this honour. Clara Hughes one can argue is deserving. I will not criticize this choice for the simple reason she achieved greatness in her field and she now is retired. Her body of work speaks for in itself and for that I will not criticize.

Although there are many who have already been recognized that I believe are not worthy, there are many more who have been, to this point, left out. When will the WOF committee start honouring those who helped build the Canadian Entertainment Industry who are either not with us anymore or whose careers are no longer prospering? Billie Mae Richards the beloved voice of Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer, the most successful Christmas program in the history of television was acknowledged throughout the world after her recent passing, yet, she has no “Star” despite her long and successful career. Paul Soles, the voice of Hermey in Rudolph as well as that of Spiderman and many other characters in cartoons that are still loved today not to mention his contribution to “Take 30” and other programs coupled with his numerous roles in Movies and Theatre, is not recognized. Bernard Cowan, the voice of thousands of commercials, television programs, producer/director of hundreds of cartoons, founding member of ACTRA etc. is not recognized. Although the “powers that be” say they will start honouring those pioneers, my question is, when? Recognizing the current so called “stars” is fine, however, it is time the builders of the Industry had their due. The Walk of Fame is not and should not be about ratings for a TV show and a Red-Carpet gathering alone, it should be about all who have contributed to the greatness of our Country. Even the Hockey Hall of Fame has a “Builders” category, it’s time the Walk of Fame had one as well. Just because they are elderly or no longer with us, is no reason for them not to have the honour of being walked upon on King street.

84th Academy Awards

The 84th Academy Awards have now come and gone and I am sure the powers that be have already loaded the cash truck and parked in Billy Crystal’s driveway to lure him for Hosting duties for the 85th. Billy not only didn’t disappoint, he showed no rust, what an effortless job he did while at the same time proving how exceptional he really is.

The winners were pretty predictable, however Meryl Streep’s win for best Actress was somewhat surprising but you could never question when a talent like she wins. George Clooney not being crowned as best Actor was a pleasant surprise. Why he is put on such a pedestal inHollywoodis a question, it certainly is not for his acting ability or box office returns’ so for the Academy to not bestow the coveted prize on him was a pleasant relief.

Two events do stand out from the relentless coverage. Jennifer Lopez’s almost clothes malfunction was ridiculous. With all the handlers she has, and you know she has many, how could none of them have noticed that her nipple was peeking out? You know the tape on her dress was strategically placed to just show a hint, why? Most likely because someone with an ego like hers needed to get her name mentioned as much as possible to let everyone know that despite she is just a judge on a TV Game Show, she once acted in movies. Sacha Baron Cohen also known as “The Dictator”, what a brilliant marketing ploy. To show up on the Red Carpet in character to promote his movie was clever enough, but to dump the so-called ashes of the late Kim Jong 11 on Ryan Seacrest was a thing of beauty. Sacha knew that every outlet in the world would pick up on it and have it talked about for days… man.

The Internet was a buzz as well. Twitter was working overtime with all the “real-time” posts including the very funny and cynical @TheGriper. Everyone was jumping in with their comments encompassing every conceivable aspect from clothes to exposed legs, from inside the Theater to the comfy chair in your den.

With Billy Crystal at the helm, the 84th Academy Awards broadcast was a huge success and an immeasurable improvement from last year. With Billy Crystal hopefully secured for next year, the 85th is one to look forward to.

I have to sit where….

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With large TV screens, VOD, TEVO and wonderful HD, going to an actual Theatre is not something you think of doing as you once did. On a recent outing to the Movies I was exposed to a new feature, this being, assigned seating. As far as I recall I have not see any advertisements for this. I was told of this while showing my ticket upon entering, where I was told which theater and which seat I was to go to. To my surprise, according to the theater attendant, I was informed of this while purchasing the ticket at the kiosk, but I most likely skipped over that feature. Now I am not apposed to the attempt by the theater owners of trying to eliminate walk in patrons who don’t pay for their tickets, but assigned seating? What if I don’t want to sit in the middle of row 6, or on the side section of row 34? What do we have to do to avoid this, show up 2 hours early? We also get a bonus for this feature as well, that being an increase in the ticket price….thanks. For this increase in price, I did have the pleasure of sitting in what seemed like a new theater seat, which was quite comfortable, and reclined. Fortunately for us, this came in handy while I sat there watching 35 minutes of commercials. Question: Don’t the advertisers pay the theater to show these Ads? Why am I paying more now to watch them? After these wonderful Ads, which I have since forgotten, I got the pleasure of watching 20 minutes or so of Coming Attractions, which for the life of me I can’t remember either. Then the Feature began but honestly at that point, I was ready to go. Perhaps next year it might be time for a new tradition…..watching the Movie I want to see in the comfort of my own home on my big screen TV. Like with my cell phone, where realistically I’d just like to make a phone call, when I go to the movies, I’d really just like to watch the movie.

Money for Charity or Tweets?

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Remember when the Celebs vowed to stay off Twitter until $1,000,000.00 was raised to fight AIDS. What they didn’t count on however, was that raising the money in a short period of time would not occur as they had thought. As usual, these Celebs feel that all they have to do is say “jump” and their minions would simply say, “how high”. I guess this time, they were wrong. These celebs didn’t realize that the ones they are asking to donate are having a hard enough time keeping food on their own tables let alone a roof over their heads. Donating to keep these rich fabulous ones happy just isn’t in the cards this time. The real issue here is not raising money for AIDS, it is the usual, self-serving Celebs trying to show the world how important they are. Obviously this time, it did not work. So, what happened, a rich person decided to donate aprox. $400,000.00 to enable the $1,000,000.00 needed to bring back the Celebs to our social media world. All is good in the world now – right? What is absolutely disgusting however, the true reason why they are back is not because they so desperately wanted to raise the money. These Celebs who participated could have easily reached into their own pockets for spare change and raised the amount needed. No, they were loosing too much money themselves by not being on the social media outlets. You see most of these people get paid to spew their wisdom. Some of these same Celebs who were holding their followers ransom get paid, in some cases, $10,000.00 per Tweet – PER TWEET!. The truth is, because it was taking much longer than expected to raise the money, they were now loosing way too much themselves and felt enough was enough. All it would have taken for the $1,000,000.00 to be raised was 10 Celebs writing 10 tweets each and donating their tweet money. Did they – I think not, they prefer us to give money we don’t have rather than they donate monies given to them to say they like a skin care product or some other useless item. Thanks Celebs, nice to know that being a TWIT on Twitter means more to you than not only the worshippers or Sheep you have, but the charity you covet with such heartfelt cries.

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