Cher Is In A Spiral

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Cher is being pushed to the brink by the looming deaths of her beloved mother, Georgia Holt, and her ex-hubby, rocker Gregg Allman, and pals fear she’s on the verge of going to pieces.

“Cher probably wishes she could ‘turn back time’ now because the thought of losing both her mom and Gregg is breaking her heart,” a source confides to “She just wants to be there for them both in what could be the last days of their lives.

“She knows she has to be strong. She’s trying to hold it together.”

The double health crisis forced the 70-year-old Beat Goes On singer to cancel a cherished film project because Georgia, 90, and Gregg, 69 — who was diagnosed with hepatitis C and underwent liver transplant surgery seven years ago — have both tragically taken a turn for the worse.

“Georgia is living with Cher at her Malibu mansion,” notes the source. “She’s got the best care that money can buy, and she’s comfortable. Cher’s always been very close to her mom, so this is very difficult.”

Meanwhile Gregg, father of Cher’s son Elijah, 40, canceled all of his shows this year because of “serious health concerns.”

“Cher’s been told that he’s dying and doesn’t have long to go,” confesses the source. “They’ve had some rocky times, and he put her through hell during their marriage. But she’s forgiven him everything.”

As Radar reported previously, Cher and Elijah have feuded in the past, so the insider says Cher wants to be as supportive as possible for both men.

“It’s all water under the bridge. Now she’s got to be strong for their son, Elijah.”

Cher also still mourns the ski-accident death of first hubby Sonny Bono in 1998. Sonny masterminded their rise to stardom as pop duo Sonny & Cher before becoming a congressman and was the father of her other child, daughter Chastity, who underwent sex-swap treatments and now is a 48-year-old man named Chaz.

“She lost Sonny a few years back, and she and Chaz still grieve,” says the source. “Now she’s in fear of losing Gregg and her mom. All her loved ones are leaving her. It’s really sad.”

The family death spiral forced Cher to pull out of Flint, a Lifetime movie about the water poisoning crisis in Flint, Mich.

The movie starts shooting in April in Toronto, Canada. Cher was the star and a producer. The film will delve into the scandal and cover-up and was a passion project for her.

Her role as a Flint resident was written specifically for her, but “she didn’t want to be shooting a film while all this is going on,” says the source.

“She feels very strongly about the subject matter. So she hated having to let it go, but she’s needed here at home now. She wants to be there for her loved ones.”

Cher describes the film as a “project so near and dear to my heart … I was truly looking forward to helping tell this story.

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