Grab Your Alien Receiving Antenna, Scientology Launches Tom TV!

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Scientology’s poster boy Tom Cruise and devout follower Kirstie Alley are gearing up to battle actress Leah Remini‘s trashing of their space-alien cult — with the church’s own cable TV channel! has learned Tom and Kirstie will lend their Hollywood clout and power to recruit followers by using the church’s new 24/7 cable station that kicks off this summer.

On March 18, Kirstie even tweeted she’ll soon have a new platform — and it wouldn’t be on current TV networks or cable channels.

“Lord people I’ve been a Scientologist for 39 years!” she wrote. “Soon you will hear from me. Definitely won’t be on network TV. They’ve never invited a REAL 1.”

Says an insider: “Tom and Kirstie have helped the church build a giant production studio complex in Hollywood and secure a channel with Charter Spectrum cable company.

“Kirstie is talking about her own program, and Tom is being singled out to host a variety-type show that will lure more members to the cult.

The channel is part of a plot to torpedo Leah’s cult-bashing A&E series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, and other films that expose the cult’s terrorizing tactics.

“Tom and Kirstie are being used to help Scientology get its revenge on ‘suppressed persons’ and other people considered to be enemies of the church,” notes the insider.

Scientology Media Productions took over the old KCET facilities in Hollywood and celebrated its grand opening in 2016.

The planned TV line-up includes What is Scientology, Drug Free World, Youth for Human Rights and The Hubbard ElectroMeter.

The company is also working on a show for Tom, who is best friends with church leader David Miscavige.

“Tom is obviously fired up about a new cable show, and don’t be surprised if you see some major couch-jumping like he did on Oprah’s show,” adds the insider.

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