Norman Lear Refuses To Be Honored By Donald Trump

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The TV icon will skip his Kennedy Center Honors—and it isn’t the first time he’s snubbed POTUS.

Representatives for Norman Lear have issued the following clarification: “Mr. Lear is thrilled to receive a Kennedy Center Honor this year. Although he has clearly stated he will not be attending the White House reception he looks forward to attending the Awards Gala at the Kennedy Center on December 3rd and ‘wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else that night.’”

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Norman Lear, a TV icon who revolutionized the sitcom as we know it, is finally receiving a Kennedy Center Honor at the age of 95. However, Lear won’t be there to celebrate this milestone, thanks to Donald Trump. The New York Times reports that Lear will boycott the December reception at the White House in protest against the president, whom Lear considers a fool.

As the Times puts it, it is fairly ironic that Lear would receive this award during one of the most volatile presidencies in recent history, decades after he created a character like Archie Bunker in All in the Family. Bunker was a loud-mouthed bigot who, despite fiery rhetoric, was still a memorable and beloved TV character, who has often been compared to Trump and the president’s loudest supporters. Lear, however, doesn’t necessarily agree with that assessment.

“I think Donald Trump is shrewd in a way Archie never was,” Lear told the Daily Beast last year, shortly before Trump won the election. “Archie Bunker was far wiser of heart. Sure, the thoughts he held were antediluvian. But Donald Trump is a thorough fool, having nothing to do with the shrewdness that has allowed him to cheat and steal the way he has for his own good. Underneath that, he is a fool.”

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