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Searching With Prose is a collection of writings consisting of past, present and future pieces. Some of which vary in style and may be autobiographical and some just thoughts pertaining to the ‘times’ we live in. I have always found it interesting how a piece can come out of know where and simply write itself where others are far more difficult yet just as rewarding.


“Tick tick, Tick tick”

Tick tick, tick tick, the clocks shouts threw your head
True sign of depression is when it is happening in bed
Time drifts so slowly through the day
There’s contact with people but nothing to say
Parks and streets to drift through would be nice
But it’s hard to get out of this strangulating vice
With its pressure that causes unbelievable emptiness
That leads to misguided thought filled stress
Entrapment by the mind someone could surmise
You hope the fog will clear by the next sunrise
It doesn’t does it, unfortunately though
So the next day you struggle for which way to go
The cycle begins yet again and again
Until the unreal freedom of the weekend
Even if you could think of the right phone call
The weekend is used as an acceptable stall
That’s really all it is until Monday comes
You grab those bills and add up their sums
The clock is back and although you’re not sick
All you can hear is Tick tick, Tick tick

Written by Elliott Cowan


“Corporate Dialogue”

Talking for twenty because that’s what you’re told
Not saying much but standing bold
Speaking to each other around the table
Getting your points in without seeming unstable
You are comfortable without worrying about dress
Check out the bags under the eyes from that corporate stress
Eight people speak contributing to the fog
That my friend is corporate dialogue
You’re next in line to take that big stride
It will be your turn to show off that corporate pride
Your family and friends will go second from first
Now that you have acquired that corporate thirst
Well there you have it; I’ve completed my log
Contained is my opinion of corporate dialogue

Written by Elliott Cowan


“Mr. Honesty”

Mr. honesty is a man
Who was born into a clan of uncaring fools
He walks with a pedestal he built with his own tools
He believes to do unto others before they do unto you
Which includes best friend me or best friend you
The intent is the same as the action
So he goes through with it with satisfaction
Not caring who he hurts
Just thinking of himself first
How can he sleep knowing what he’s done
That’s being asked by someone who couldn’t do this to anyone
He’s lied and toyed with every emotion
I’m obviously one on his path of destruction
Who is now incredibly dazed and confused
How could this happen, I feel so used
We’ve been together so long with such strong ties
But damn it, it’s just been continuous lies
My thoughts are filled with images of all those times
How could I have been so incredibly blind
It’s now a new year and a new day
Part of me wishes he would just fade away
It hurts me to know Mr. Honesty the liar
It sickens me to have loved him as a brother

Written by Elliott Cowan


“These Times”

To dream is to care
But is it really fair
When all around you is falling

The desire is rather great
Though the outcome is determined by fate
Will the result be calming

How to get there is my crossbow
Shooting for the stars is extremely slow
The down time is so bloody frustrating

I’m at the point I don’t know what I need
I’ve lost the point; I’ve misplaced the seed
All I see are areas that are degrading

Where does one fit in
Who cares anymore if you win
I want that spot for my peace of mind

To sleep at night without the staring
The T.V. the walls my insides blaring
The answers I’m afraid will take a lifetime to find

Then it will be too late
What really is at stake
Perception is a nothing feature

The bills the time its seems endless
Pressure and stress is relentless
But to dream is to care about the future

Written by Elliott Cowan


“Corporate Diversity”

You are now given your lay off notice
– – i once was valid, but I won’t be missed
Can you save the plant?
– – no we can’t?
Our company’s consolidation
– – and you are moving to the up-state location
Because of your union contract
– – your inventory is all packed up
Now I know it’s a holiday
– – nice time to pack up my family and move away
We know most of you have worked for 30 years
– – company doesn’t shed any tears
How can you learn something new now?
– – sure, we will trust you to show us how
We’ll find you new work
– – don’t treat me like a jerk
You have kids in university
– – you don’t have to say it, Corporate Diversity
This is because of our business needs
– – you forget about our conciliatory good deeds
We have to cut the work force
– – you do it without remorse
The company needs stability
– you don’t show any credibility
We have six months left for the betterment of all of us
– – you’re asking us not to make a fuss
Thank you for your contribution
– – getting rid of us is now your solution
Here’s you severance
– – in six months it will be worth 2 cents
What if the employees erupt?
– – the stock goes up

Written by Elliott Cowan








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